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What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car or to substitute your car if it is announced to be a total loss?collision coverage

If you owe more than the value of a car that was announced a total loss how much does the insurance company pay?

Typically the insurance companie will pay the cost of the vehicle at the time of loss, they will not pay anything more. If you purchase a vehicle that is higher than blue book, then consider gap coverage to help with this type of situation.

What is the criteria to proclaim a bruised car a total loss?

Response .
544. “Total loss salvage vehicle” means either of the following:(a) A vehicle, other than a nonrepairable vehicle, of a typesubject to registration that has been wrecked, demolished, or bruised,to the extent that the possessor, leasing company, financialinstitution, or the insurance company that insured or is responsiblefor repair of the vehicle, considers it uneconomical to repair thevehicle and because of this, the vehicle is not repaired by or forthe person who wielded the vehicle at the time of the event resultingin harm.(b) A vehicle that was determined to be uneconomical to repair,for which a total loss payment has been made by an insurer, whetheror not the vehicle is subsequently repaired, if prior to or uponmaking the payment to the claimant, the insurer obtains the agreementof the claimant to the amount of the total loss settlement, andinforms the client that, pursuant to subdivision (a) or (b) ofSection 11515, the total loss settlement must be reported to theDepartment of Motor Vehicles, which will issue a salvage certificatefor the vehicle..

What do you do if the insurance for a totaled car does not pay off the car loan?

I faced the same thing about a year ago. The insurance company did not want to give me what was needed. I got on-line and found many cars that were just like mine and displayed them that my car was worth more than they were wanting to give me. They still did not want to give me what the car was worth. So I went to petite claims court and filed suit on the driver of the other car. The person’s insurance has to represent them. Also go and look at the comps that the insurance company are using for your car to see if you can substitute the car for what they want to give you. ReactionUltimately it is your responsibility that you either made low payments, took out a very long loan, or picked a car with high depreciation. The insurance company is not liable for the inflated amount you owe–only what the car is worth. ReactionThe insurance company will only give you the value of the vehicle, as per the “Kelly Blue Book”. They will also send an appraiser out to see what the condition of the car was, as in mileage, any previous harm. If the accident was another driver’s fault, you have to sue him and/or his insurance company for the remaining balance.Whatever you borrowed to obtain the vehicle wil always be more than the car is worth. You have already lost money on it as soon as you drove it off the car lot. But do your research. Go online for “Kelly Blue Book”, and get the estimate of the car’s value. If it is more, then dispute it with the insurance company. Print the page out. ReactionWhen you bought the car fresh or used from the dealer you had the option to purchase something called GAP INSURANCE from them (the Dealer, not the insurance company) for your exact situation. If you did not have enough equity in your car for the insurance pay off to cover it AND did not have gap insurance. basically you are screwed and responsible for the rest of the loan amount car or no car. Some people believe Gap insurance is a rip off so they do not suggest it to you and some just don’t know what it is. They do not need to be selling cars. Not fair but the way of life. Father is an insurance sales man. I also had a chick hit me I had GAP insurance and she did not. She still had to pay off the balance on the loan even tho’ she did not have the car. The courts won’t do much because you had the option to purchase gap insurance and you did not, it does not matter that you did not know.

Does homeowners’ insurance cover physical loss harm claims by car rental companies?

Homeowners policies do not cover harm to motorized vehicles(except lawnmowers, golf carts, off-road vehicles, electricwheelchairs). SOMETIMES there is coverage for boats & theirtrailers when stored in an enclosed building on the premises.

Can you repair your car if the insurance company announces it totaled?

Repairing a totaled carYou don’t mention whether or not it’s your own carrier or the carrier for another at-fault driver (i.e., a driver who struck your car and totaled it). So, you’ve got several options: If it’s your insurance, you can certainly keep the car because it is, after all, your property. As a total loss, however, your carrier will liquidate the utter coverage on the vehicle as it no longer has any value except salvage value. After you accomplish the repairs, your carrier may or may not agree to reinstate the utter coverage on the vehicle. This is something you might want to ask them before proceeding. If it’s your carrier, and you have a lien through a bank or a dealership on the vehicle, the total loss can be treated in a duo of ways. One, your carrier might pay off your loan very first, and then give you the remaining balance (or, if you owe more on your loan than what the car is worth, they might send all of the money just to the bank). If they do it this way, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough to accomplish the repairs. The 2nd method involves your carrier issuing a check with both your name and the name of the bank on it. You’d then have to work with the bank on getting the repairs done (again, this is something you’d need to look into before you proceed, because the bank may reject to endorse the check and insist that it be applied to the loan since the car is now considered a total loss). Either way, your carrier will still eliminate the utter coverage on the car. If it’s another driver’s insurance carrier, you always have the option of just retaining the salvage since, again, it’s your property. Like your own carrier, the other insurance will eliminate a certain percentage of the settlement for the car’s salvage value (since you’re keeping it, they can do this because even a totaled car has some value). They will then issue you a check and you are free to do whatever you’d like with it. NOTE: Even if you’re going through another carrier, if your own insurance is already aware that the car is a total loss, they will still eliminate the total coverage from the car. See #1 for your options. You’ve most likely noticed that I keep mentioning how the total coverage will be eliminated from your car since it’s now considered a total loss. If you’re working only through another driver’s insurance, your carrier won’t do this if they’re not aware of the accident. But you still need to be very careful before you determine to keep a totaled vehicle and repair it. Why? Because most insurance companies have access to databases that flag vehicles deemed to be total losses. It’s also possible that the state you live in requires you to have your car’s title branded as “salvage” before you can receive payment for your damages. So, even if you want to keep your totaled vehicle and get it repaired, be aware that you might be putting a lot of money into a car for which the value has been drastically diminished due to its total loss status. If, for example, another driver hits you in the future and totals your car again, you might find that you’re suggested only half the regular value because of your car’s status. Logically, this makes sense, given that the typical consumer is much less likely to buy your pre-totaled car when others are available. The total loss status decreases its market value substantially. The repaired vehicle will always have a salvage-rebuilt title and will always be worth 40 to 60% less than an undamaged counterpart, so if you invest money in it and wreck it again, you have a real loss on our mitts.

What happens to a car that’s proclaimed totaled by the insurance company?

Response .
If you want to keep a totaled car, the insurance company will determine the salvage value and deduct that from your settlement check. You can still get liability insurance (if there are no safety issues related to the harm), but not collision or comprehensive unless you have the repairs made..

If your car is proclaimed a total loss how much will the insurance company pay back to you if the car was purchased below book value?

Regardless of what you paid for the vehicle, in most cases,if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, you will be paid the local market value of your vehicle. If you happened to purchase your vehicle for less than that, you lucked out:)

If your car is announced totaled does the car belong to the possessor or the insurance company?

The insurance company. They have in theory bought the car or what was left of it.

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Is it legal for your insurance company to deny a loss for a car that was totaled?

It would depend on why the car was totaled and who’s fault the accident was and what time of insurance do you have PLPD or Utter Coverage

Can you get total coverage from other insurances on a car if is was announced a total loss by your insurance?

If the vehicle has not been repaired and examined and title cleaned up, any insurer doing their job will restrict or not write collision and comp. However it does happen, but be aware that if an accident occurs this salvage title will demonstrate up and you will get substantially less on this next settlement. Any prior harm will not be paid to repair again.

What happens if you have no car insurance and have a wreck but are willing to pay for damages?

Response .
Then you are doing the right thing. If you avoided getting a ticket then the accident won’t become part of your record.

If your fresh car was announced a total loss in an accident are you still responsible for paying the finance charges?

Reaction .
Yes if the amount your insurance company paid did not cover the amount you still owed on the car. You are still responsible for the difference.

What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car or to substitute your car if it is announced to be a total loss?

Will car insurance pay for a car totaled in a DUI accident?

Response .
It should. If the “at fault” vehicle is insured, it’s supposed to cover the victim’s vehicle 100%. If the “at fault” vehicle has comprehensive and collision insurance that insurance is supposed to cover the at fault vehicle up to the deductable amount.Note that the toasted driver will liberate his insurance and be required to get the VERY expensive DUI “insurance endorsment” since he/she is now in the highest risk bracket..
BTW, when a tipsy driver causes a collision it’s not called an “accident”. Accident is when things just happen. Driving inebriated is the CAUSE of the collision and as such the collision is not called an accident. Call it a wreck, crash or just about anything else that takes away the implication of a random act.

What does the insurance company have to pay if you total your car with total coverage?

Reaction .
They pay whatever the value is of your vehicle less the deductible..
The value they pay, in most cases, will be the trade-in value or average private sale value. Not enough to substitute the car even when you add the deductible..
Response .
anything you do with the car or any one else but beware when claiming on insurance they will charge you more next time

Can you make your auto insurance pay you back for loan payments you made on a car they proclaimed totaled?

Response .
Your insurance owes you the value of the vehicle minus your deductible. If you owed the bank more than this, you are responsible for the excess.

If your insurance pays purchase price for your car for a total loss and you are still paying off the finance of the car are you coerced to buy a fresh car or risk having your insurance rates climb?

Total Loss .
When a car gets totaled and it’s paid off the lienholder gets paid very first and you get whatever is left over. In California, your insurance cannot be raised until the end of the term. If the accident was your fault your insurance will rise. If it wasn’t then the insurance will rise depending on the type of fresh car purchased.

Whose insurance pays if you are driving another persons car do some harm to the car and they are not with you?

Reaction .
the car owners insurance.
Response .
The person driving the car would need to submit a claim to their insurance company. There are a few insurance companies that will cover not only the registered proprietor but anyone driving the car, however this is not usually the case.

How do you get the most money from your insurance co after your car is proclaimed a total loss from a flood harm?

I concur “100%” with Insurance Plus, you are owed the ACV (actual cash value) of your vehicle prior to the loss. The ‘most’ money is that amount, and no more. you are to be put back in the position you were in, prior to the loss no less and no better..
The “Most” Money you can get is what is considered “Fair” compensation for your loss.

If your car is proclaimed totaled do you still have car insurance The insurance company has not paid yet.?

Response .
It depends on what type of insurance you had. Liability, total coverage…etc…Call your insurance company and find out.

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If my car is totaled and not paid for will your insurance pay for it?

Car Loans .
In most cases, insurance companies are only required to pay up to the book value of your car. What this means is that if you owe $15,000 on a car loan and the car is only worth $12,000, you will still be held responsible for the remaining balance which in this case would be $Trio,000. This is also known as being upside down. If you purchase GAP, a.k.a a debt cancellation contract, then you would not be held liable for the remaining $Three,000. This is why it pays to purchase a car that has good residual value meaning it shouldn’t depreciate much quicker than you are able to pay off your loan.

Your car is a total loss and pay off is about half of the amount of your loan you carried some from a prior car will your GAP insurance cover the majority or all of the remaining balance of the loan?

You will need to read your GAP insurance information. Like car insurance each plan is different. Some GAP insurance plans state they will pay 100% of the “resale” value. Others state 125% (meaning the current resale value of your car plus 25% above that). Others state 100% of “trade-in” value..
Bottom line – read the insurance plan document you got from the company, or visit the car dealership you bought the car from and pick up a pamphlet..
Good luck to you!

If you hit an unlicensed driver will your insurance pay for damages to his car?

This will depend on the type of insurance coverage. The insurancecompany can determine to go to court and argue that since the driverwas uninsured, then they should not be liable for damages.

Will car insurance pay if totaled car?

If you have total coverage they might pay you the lowest market value fo your car. They will deduct your deductable.. Insurance companies are out to make money so they will find the cheapest way out

If insurance announces a car totaled can you cancel the claim and keep the car?

You can accept the claim and then buy back the car. This way you get money for the claim and you get to keep your car. The price for the car will be way lower at the totaled price than what you will receive in the claim.

My friend borrowed my car and brought it back totaled is he responsible to pay for the harm if I don’t have insurance?

If you let a friend borrow a car who had no insurance and you hadno insurance, essentially two violations have been committed. He isresponsible, but you are too. It is unlikely that a court wouldaward you with damages.

What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car or to substitute your car if it is announced to be a total loss?

Will the insurance company pay you for the use of your opther car while your primary car is bruised?

If you are not at fault, you can make the other persons insurance company compensate you for a loner car. If you are at fault, most insurance companies suggest a loner car as an option to your insruance plan (increases your premium)

If your car is a total loss will the insurance company help you fix it if you both pay?

If your car is deemed a total loss, the insurance company will only pay up the value of the vehicle. They will have nothing to do with the repairs. If the vehicle is worth $Five,000 and the harm is $8,000, you are going to pay $Three,000 out of your own pocket. Once the insurance company pays you that $Five,000, they are out of the picture. Just be ready for a ‘salvage’ fee to be deducted from your settlement by the insurance company. That is what they would have gotten for your vehicle if you had surrendered it to them.

If a car is considered a total loss after an accident and the insurance company pays you for what the car is worth do you still have coverage on that vehicle if you contnue to drive it?

Usually if the car is a total loss, the insurance company will pay you and take the car. They then sell it for parts/salvage. If they let you keep the car, all you have to do is check on the current status of your policy and see if it is listed.

What are the three types of auto insurance that protect you against economic loss due to harm to the property of others and to your car?

Property harm liabilitycoverage provides proection for the harm doen to the proerty of others by your automobile..
Collisioncoverage covers repairs to your vehicle if it sustains damge while being operated..

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Comprehensivecoverage provide for losses other than collision (e.g., theft and hail harm).

Will insurance pay if you hit a pole and harm your car?

Yes; as long as you have collision coverage for your vehicle. You will only be out of pocket for your deductible.

What to do if the insurance company turns down to pay sufficient car damages?

I would take the person who caused your accident to puny claims court. Make sure you have all your paper work in order and can state your case.

Is it better to have the car insurance pay for harm after an accident or just pay cash?

Whether or not you should make a claim against your insurance depends on the amount of the harm. In this state, if you make a claim against your own collision insurance, your insurance will go up by several hundred dollars a year for three years, so you are talking a thousand dollars. Say you have $200 deductible. Then your break even point is about $1,200. If the other stud caused the accident, make his insurance pay!

Will my insurance pay for damages for drivers car without license?

When you permit someone to drive your car, you are providing them the coverage of your insurance. If they were to get into an accident, your policy would pay very first.

If your car is totaled and inoperable do you proceed to pay your auto insurance?

Yes. Until the claim is closed. You may also substitute your vehicle and just be able to put the fresh vehicle in place of the old one. Your best bet is always to speak with your company about it and get their suggestion. NEVER just stop paying. Then you may get cancelled for non-payment making getting insurance when you want it down the road stiffer and much more expensive.

If someone borrows your car and total loss it will the insurance company pay for damages?

Yes. Collision coverage pays for harm to your vehicle, minus the deductible, regardless of who is driving it. Also, if you loan your vehicle to someone they are considered a permissive driver and you are liable for harm they cause in your vehicle even if they have their own insurance. Insurance always applies to the car not the driver.

Can a insurance turn down take your car when they claimed total loss on your car in California?

Yes, insurance can reject to take your car when they claim a total loss on it. They would just have to take it to a junkyard from there anyway.

When you are in an auto accident with no insurance will the other persons insurance pay for their cars damages?

Their insurance policy will pay for their own car. However you must know it’s against the law not to have insurance coverage for your auto.

What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car or to substitute your car if it is announced to be a total loss?

If your car is totaled do you still have to pay off the insurance policy?

No, simply because there is nothing to be insured any more, your car is gone.

How long can an insurance co take to pay for your totaled car?

The general reaction, absent a contractual or statutory requirement is, “a reasonable time”. When a car is determined to be a total loss, it essentially means that the insurer has determined that the cost of repair exceeds (usually, some statutory) percentage of the actual cash value of the car. In that example, the law requires that the be proclaimed to be a total loss. The time consuming part of that process can be in determining the actual cash value of a car of like kind, quality, and other features. While there are commercial guides to help in that determination, often there is a period of negotiation with the proprietor as to the final value. Many States provide that once a claim has been resolved by agreement as to the value, and all necessary documents have been signed (in this case, proof of claim, title certificate, and other documents that the State or the insurance company may reasonable require), payment must be made within 30 days. However, the period may be shorter or longer and State law will govern.

What if i hit someone with my car and i have no insurance and can not afford to pay for damages to other car?

then you should be prosecuted and your car taken off you. Its scum like you that have us all paying higher premiums!

What do you do if the insurance for a totaled car does not pay for my private injuries?

If you feel you haven’t been treated fairly, I would file a complaint with your state insurance company or have your lawyer do it.

What type of insurance will pay for harm to your car if it is announced to be a total loss?

Physical harm coverage pays for harm done to your vehicle. This is divided into two policy provisions, comprehensive and collision. Collision is if you hit something or turn the vehicle over. Comprehensive is about everything else, including theft, vandalism, animal collisions, fire, glass breakage, etc. So the main thing you will need to determine is what caused the harm. If you hit a deer then it will be a comprehensive claim. If you hit a telephone pole or another vehicle then it is a collision claim.

Where to go if your Insurance company is not paying for the loss of a car accident?

Attorney General,s office where you live. Also attempt the Better Business BureauAdded: Contact the State Insurance Commission of your state and file a complaint.

What if their insurance determines your car is total loss?

Then their insurance cuts you a check for the Bluebook value of your car. Also, some of them also suggest rental coverage until the car is substituted (but obviously not for several weeks)

Will the insurance company pay for the damages caused by their driver if the injured victim is driving unlicensed and the car has been totaled?

Let’s see if I can go after this. Insurance company A is at fault because of deeds caused by driver A. Driver B who is not at fault is injured, but is unlicensed, and Auto B has been totalled. Insurance company A is going to have to pay damages to Driver B for property harm as well as for injuries because Driver A is deemed at fault. The fact that Driver B is unlicensed is a non-moving disturbance and Driver B will have to pay a substantial fines for these issues.

My son harm someones car on the street with his bike can i get my car insurance to pay for it?

I assume that you mean his bicycle and not a motorcycle or motor scooter. If you mean bicycle the reaction is no, your auto policy will not cover the harm to the other persons vehicle. Your homeowners insurance may have coverage that would take care of this type of harm. I would recommend that find out what it will take to repair the harm and attempt to pay for it yourself without having to make a claim on your homeowners insurance. You want to attempt to not make puny claims on your insurance if at all possible.

Will insurance pay for a car motor bruised from a flood?

Engine, not motor, and that depends on your insurance policy. Ifyou don’t have flood insurance specifically, flood harm istypically not covered.

What authority does the insurance comp have to determine a car is a total loss just because the cost to fix the car is more than they want to pay doesn’t mean the car is a total loss and can’t be repa?

If you read the ‘petite print’ in your agreement you will very likely find you have granted them this authority. – In many cases, you can negotiate with them and get a payment, but keep the remains of the vehicle.

When an insurance company announces an individuals car a total loss what is the method to calculate the insureds payment for his or hers loss?

Insurance policies state that the insurance company has the optionof repair, replacement, or paying actual cash value of the vehicle.A company will total a vehicle when the cost to repair is above70-80% of the ACV due to the fact that there are usually additionalcosts when they begin repairs. Different companies use differentmethods of determining ACV and it is always pliable. I wouldsuggest that you go ahead and research it yourself by lookingonline at bluebook, autotrader, and anything else you can find withsimilar vehicles with similar equipment and mileage as yours sothat you will know what ballpark value your vehicle has before youspeak with the adjuster. Find others for sale in your area.Condition of your vehicle like fresh tires, extra equipment, etc.will make your value higher so make sure the adjuster knows aboutthese facts and it will pay off. Furthermore, the statutes of most States require that an insurerdeclare a vehicle to be a “total loss” when the cost of repairexceeds some percentage of the actual cash value of the vehicle.

What type of insurance pays to fix damages that you cause but does not cover your own car?

It is called “Third Party Insurance Cover” and in most countries itis a legal REQUIREMENT to have this cover on ALL cars being drivenon public roiads. It is normally sold to you as “Third Party, Fire and Theft” andcovers for those Trio eventualities. The insurance that covers injury to YOU and YOUR car if you are atfault is called “Comprehensive Cover” – (this includes “ThirdParty, Fire and Theft” cover too).

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