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Is your deductible waived on a comprehensive claim?What? Why would it be? The comprehensive deductible is your retained limit of an occurance so unless you have a policy with a diminishing deductible or some other policy benefit that would waive a deductible it applies to each and every claim.

Do premiums increase when you have a comprehensive claim?

Generally no, but it depends on how your policy is set up and how many claims you file a year.

Will your premium go up if you file a claim on your comprehensive auto insurance policy?

It truly depends on the circumstances of the claim, and if you were at fault. If you were at fault, and you need to use your comprehensive/collision to pay for your damages you most likely will be looking at a noticeable increase unless you are over 35 and have never had an accident it may only go up by a few dollars here and there. If you weren’t at fault but require the use of your coverage to pay for your own damages because the other person had no insurance depending on the severity you MAY be looking at an increase but depending on how much coverage you elected or how high your deductible is it may not increase. Like I said it varies from case to case and rules, regulations are a fluid thing often arched and not followed up with. There’s no definite for every screenplay. Hope this helps.

Do car insurance premiums increase after a comprehensive claim for hitting a deer?

Reaction .
Generally YES, they do increase, being that there is no “third party” so-to-speak in which the insurer can subrograte against. .
I say no, it is a comp claim and doesn’t count against the driver. If the driver was cited for the incident, then they would go up.

How many workman comprehension claims can you file in the same state?

Response .
I would think after two you should be looking for a insurance fraud investigator to be trailing you..
There are not thresholds to the filing of legitimate claims..
There are many hazardous jobs, especially in “blue dog collar” industries where workers can be injured on more than one occasion..
Benefits are awarded on the merits of the claim and nothing else.

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What is a comprehensive claim?

Reaction 1 –Liability insurance vs comp. The quick response is that you can have two types of car insurance. One kind called liability insurance only covers harm to another driver’s car (and the hospitalization costs of injured parties) and if your car is totaled or you end up in hospital that’s too bad for you. If you have comprehensive insurance, then you are covered for everything, including the harm to your vehicle and hospitalization costs of parties in your vehicle. You can even file a comprehensive claim if there was no other vehicle involved and you drove off the road into a tree. Naturally, carrying comprehensive insurance is more expensive than liability. If you have any kind of loan outstanding on a car, then the company carrying the loan will require you to have comprehensive insurance in case you smash up what is essentially their car on loan to you until you pay it off. Reaction Two – A different OpinonReaction one is correct about l iabilitycoverage for bothpropertyharm andbodily injuryto third parties , either in another vehicle, or within yours, IF your are determined responsible and liable for such damages. Reaction one is NOT CORRECT, however, regarding comprehensive coverage covering harm to you or “your” vehicle. Most, if not all auto insurance policiesDO NOT coverharm to your vehicleDUE TO COLLISION , under the “comprehensive” portion of their policies. The comprehensive portion of the policy generally reads “for any and all harm OTHER THAN COLLISION.” For collision harm , onemust havespecific, separateCOLLISION COVERAGE. Comprehensive coverage does cover most other things, such as falling or flying objects such as parts from an overhead airplane, rocks, hail, bird strikes, flying lawn furniture, garbage cans, tree limbs from a windstorm, etc., etc. It also generally includes burglary, theft, vandalism [such as egging, keying, graffitti paint, bashing, etc.]. An insurance company I worked for many years ago even denied claims for “roadbed collision!” An example of roadbed collision would be caused by excessive speed while passing over a bad dip in a street, or a railroad crossing, resulting in the vehicle going “airborne” and landing so hard that the underside of the vehicle slams into the pavement, bruising the oil pan, undercarriage, or suspension. This was considered “collision harm,” and therefore required collision coverage to be covered.j3h.

Where on a individual tax comeback does s deduction for depletion get claimed?

Reaction .
Well, it would be sort of elaborate, generally part of a Schedule C calulation, but maybe elsewhere if the allied income is coming on a K1 or 1065. You would most likely want to align it to the income it reduces. And it depends if it oil & gas or timber..
All exhaustible natural deposits and timber qualify for deduction of a reasonable allowance for depletion based on the taxpayer’s cost or other basis of the resources—cost depletion. For mines and certain interests in oil or gas wells, the depletion deductions may be computed as a specified percentage of gross income if that is greater than cost depletion. .
A taxpayer can claim percentage depletion on one property and cost depletion on another, or claim, on the same property, cost depletion for one year and percentage for another. .
Where the property is entitled to either cost or percentage depletion, the allowable deduction is the greater of the two. (Code Sec. 613) Percentage depletion for oil and gas wells (except for gas from certain domestic geothermal deposits or geopressured brine) is limited to “independent producers and royalty owners,”. The allowable deduction is never less than cost depletion. (Code Sec. 611, Code Sec. 612, Code Sec. 613) There’s no official form for computing depletion, but Form T must be linked to the income tax comeback if a deduction for depletion of timber is taken. .
The basis of the property must be diminished by the depletion deduction permitted or allowable, whichever is larger. .
A taxpayer may take a depletion deduction only if he possesses an “economic interest” in the mineral deposit or the timber. Owners of an economic interest include: (1) owner-operators; (Two) lessors and lessees, even where the lessee has an economic interest under a lease terminable without cause on brief notice; (Three) holder of a royalty interest, or retained net profits interest; and (Four) owners of a production payment to the extent it isn’t treated as a mortgage loan. (Reg § 1.611-1(b))

Is Claim amount payable in a health insurance is equal to medical expenses less deductible?

Response .
I don’t fairly understand your question. There might also be co payments, ie 80/20 and “negotiated” rates – discounts from the Medical Provider to the insurance company.

Do comprehensive insurance claims demonstrate up on vehicle history report?

Comprehensive insurance claims can showcase up on a vehicle historyreport if they are affixed to the VIN number. This will usuallyhappen in most cases.

Is there a deductible on a farm liability insurance claim?

You’ll need to check your policy details. You could also contactyour agent and inquire about deductibles on your policy. It indeed just depends on the level of coverage you purchased andwhat the deductible terms are that are outlined in your insurancepolicy.

Can you claim tax deductions with no business license?

Reaction .
If you are conducting a business without a license you are still required to report business income and expenses on your 1040. Use Schedule C for that..
Business licenses are issued by state and local, not federal, agencies. Usually steep fines are imposed by those state and local taxing authorities if you are caught operating without a license.

What deductions can be claimed on income taxes?

Deductions take many many forms and names. They depend on situations too and the type of income you have or how you earned it. Your question is entirely too broad to have any list or comprehensive reaction. However, as a commence: .
Attempt the IRS website. www. IRS.GOV and type in “DEDUCTIONS” in their search engine..
You might want to be more specific about the deductions you are looking or, i.e..
deductions for homeowners.
deductions for day care.
deductions for business.
deductions for travel.
deductions for investing.
deductions for medical.
etc, etc ….

What is meant by an excess on an insurance claim in terms of comprehensive car insurance?

The excess is what the policy holder has to pay before the insurance company starts to pay. If excess is $100 Harm is $300 the policy holder gets $200.

Is your deductible waived on a comprehensive claim?

Are car insurance deductibles cumulative or per claim?

Car insurance deductibles are the amount which the policy holdermust pay out of their own pocket in the event of an accident. It isstandard for deductibles to be applicable for each claim.

Are dresses jackets and pants worn only for work tax deductible and if so how do I claim them?

Hopefully this helps: In Australia you can only claim clothing that is protective, compulsory or occupation specific. That means you can claim clothing that protects yourself or your clothing (e.g. steel capped boots) has a company logo in it or can be widely recognized as being worn by people of your occupation (such as a chefs black and white checked pants, and dual breasted jacket). Just because you only wear certain clothing at work and not privately is not enough to claim it as technically it could be used for private use if you wish. Even if your employee enforces certain colours or to always show up corporate this is not enough to establish you as working at any particle place of employment so it can not be claimed as it is not an expense directly relating to your assessable income.

When your insurance said comprehensive less deductible 1000 what does that mean?

The deductible is the amount of money you will pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in. If you have 900.00 in damages, they wont pay anything. If you have 1500.00 in damages, they will give you 500.00..
Less meaning – minus the deductible

Is there a deductible on comprehensive auto insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies do have a deductible for this kind of insurance. Most deductibles are 500. This can be a normal charge for a deductible.

Can dental implants be claimed as tax deductions?

While not specifically non-deductable and pub 502 has a paragraph on artificial teeth stating they are deductable Iwould imagine you may have an issue if your real teeth are liquidated and implants inserted for purely cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic surgery is not deductable for vanity reasons. Given that the cost of a duo of implants can exceed $10K it can be a worthwhile deduction but yo umay lose in court.

Can I deduct expenses for my foot proprietorship even if I claim the standard deduction?

Yes . Your expenses as a foot proprietor aren’t deducted on Schedule A (Itemized Deductions). If you aren’t using Schedule A, then you claim the standard deduction. Income and expenses from a foot proprietorship are entered on Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business) or Schedule C-EZ (Net Profit from Business). Your net profit/(loss) is then entered on line 12 of Form 1040.

How do you response a comprehension?

1. Youread the questions Two. You read the passage Trio. Read the questions ( Circle the question words )(Underline the word in the question that indicates the tense of your reaction ) Four. Read the passage Five. Attempt the questions: (Read one question)(Underline the reaction in the passage and number it according to question’s number)(Do it for all Five questions) 6. Write down the response

What should you claim as deductions on your W-2 form?

Form W-2 is Wage and Tax Statement. It’s an IRS form that employers are required to provide/send to their employees for the employees to use in filing their tax comebacks. You don’t claim deductions with your W-2 form. FormW-4is Employee’s Withholding Allowance. It’s an IRS form that your employer has you pack out when you’re hired. Your employer calculates withholdings from your earnings based upon the filing status and number of exemptions that you claim on Form W-4. The more exemptions you claim, the less will be withheld from your earnings. A single person can claim one private exemption plus an extra exemption if only having one job. If you (or your spouse) have more than one job, then you might want to claim less exemptions to make sure that enough is withheld from your earnings. You can claim exemptions for dependents, if any. If you have a significant amount of unearned income (interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.) or self-employment income, claim fewer exemptions. If you’re expecting certain credits (earned income, child and dependent care, etc.), claim more exemptions. Also included with Form W-4 is a Private Allowances Worksheet plus Deductions and Adjustments Worksheet and Two-Earners/Numerous Jobs Worksheet. These Worksheets all help you determine the number of allowable exemptions for Form W-4. You can finetune your withholding with the IRS withholding calculator onlne at Select Too Much or Too Little Tax Withheld in the Special Interest Section in the middle column. For more information, go online to Select Topic 753 (Form W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate). Also, for Publication 919 (How do I Adjust my Tax Withholding?), go to Select Publication Number. Type 919 in the Find bar.

How much can a child earn with parents claiming the child as a deduction?

There is no limit provided at least one of the following statements is true: 1) The child was under Nineteen at the end of the year. Two) The child was under 24 at the end of the year and a full-time student. Three) The child was totally and permanently disabled. However, the child must not provide more than half of his/her own support. Earnings that the child placed in a savings account (for example) do not count as support. If the child did not meet any of the above requirements, the child cannot have earned more than $3500 (gross income) and YOU must have provided more than half the child’s suppport.

What deductions can you claim with Form 1099-MISC?

Save time and avoid penalties filing your tax forms.For fillable 1099 forms or any tax form you need you can find it at PDFfiller can pack the text fields, add a multitude of checkmarks, digitally sign the form and even add pictures. After your pdf form is ended, it can be printed, emailed, faxed or saved on your computer. You can even send fillable pdf forms to your customers, employees, vendors and playmates.

How do you claim a deduction for implements on tax comes back?

If you’reself-employed , then you would list contraptions in theExpensessection of Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business) or Schedule C-EZ (Net Profit from Business). If you’re anemployee , then the amount would be included online 21 Unreimbursed employee expensesin the Job Expenses and Certain Miscellaneous Deductions Section of Schedule A (Itemized Deductions). The amount of expenses entered in the Job Expenses Section of Schedule A is totalled. Thenonly the amount of that total that exceeds Two percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) on line 38 of Form 1040 is deductible.

Can you claim deduction after filing the income tax come back?

Yes, by filing a Form 1040X…an amended comeback..
A indeed pretty effortless form to accomplish.

If a claim adjuster waives your deductible in error are they obligated to pay for their mistake?

the heck if i know but if you want some lovin give me a holler @ [email protected]

Is your deductible waived on a comprehensive claim?

Can you claim clothing as a deduction on your income taxes?

Only if the clothing is required by your employer and is the type of clothing that could not ordinarily be worn outside of work. For example, a navy blue business suit is not deductible even if you would never wear a suit outside of work. An orange suit jacket that says “Parking” on the back would be deductible even if you wear it at home.

When a car is hit in a parking lot is it a comprehensive or collision claim?

Collision generally covers you in collisions with other cars or property; comprehensive generally covers you in accidents that don’t involve other cars, such as animal hits, weather-related losses, and theft or vandalism. So you are covered under collision coverage !

If my insurance company deducts my deductible from a homeowners claim do i still pay the deductible?

Yes. The insurance company will pay their portion of the claim which does not include the deductible because that is your portion .

Do car insurance premiums increase after a comprehensive claim for a windshield?

A claim for windscreen glass will not normally affect the no claims discount of a motor insurance policy…. but your policy may be different, you need to read what it says.

What does 30 copay for the very first Three visits per member per year deductible waived mean?

It means that the normal $30 copay per visit is waived (you don’t have to pay for it) for the very first Three visits per member on the insurance policy each year. Also you don’t have to worry about meeting the deductible very first because it is waived for those visits.

Does my USAA auto deductible collision and or comprehensive policy cover damages from someones pushing my car with her car with my permission?

Idiot! Why do you think I asked the question? Do you think I would have spent the last three hours attempting to have you & your totally incompetent staff provide an reaction locally or beyond for me, had I had known the response? Refer yourself(ves) to the nearest mental institution or brain transplant hospital! BUT 1ST Reaction THE QUESTION! or refer it outside for an response.

Can you claim mortgage interest as a tax deduction?

Yes when it is qualified home mortgage interest and you are using the schedule A itemized deductions of the 1040 tax form along with all of your other itemized deductions.

If you claim Four people on your taxes will they deduct federal taxes?

Yes will have some amount of taxes that your employer is required to withhold from your gross earnings before you will receive your net take home paycheck.

How does claiming health care deduction decrease your tax liability?

HEALTH CARE DEDUCTION. You can deduct on Schedule A (Form 1040) only the amount of your medical and dental expenses that is more than 7.5% of your AGI (Form 1040, line 38). In this publication, the term “7.5% limit” is used to refer to 7.5% of your AGI. The phrase “subject to the 7.5% limit” is also used. This phrase means that you must subtract 7.5% (.075) of your AGI from your medical expenses to figure your medical expense deduction. You can find the below information by going to and using the search box for Publication 502 (2009), Medical and Dental ExpensesNursing Services You can include in medical expenses wages and other amounts you pay for nursing services. Services need not be performed by a nurse as long as the services are of a kind generally performed by a nurse. This includes services connected with caring for the patient’s condition, such as providing medication or switching dressings, as well as bathing and grooming the patient. These services can be provided in your home or another care facility. Generally, only the amount spent for nursing services is a medical expense. If the attendant also provides private and household services, these amounts must be divided inbetween the time spent performing household and private services and the time spent for nursing services. However, certain maintenance or private care services provided for qualified long-term care can be included in medical expenses. SeeQualified Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts , earlier. Additionally, certain expenses for household services or for the care of a qualifying individual incurred to permit you to work may qualify for the child and dependent care credit. See Publication 503, Child and Dependent Care Expenses . You can also include in medical expenses part of the amount you pay for that attendant’s meals. Divide the food expense among the household members to find the cost of the attendant’s food. Then apportion that cost in the same manner as in the preceding paragraph. If you had to pay extra amounts for household upkeep because of the attendant, you can include the extra amounts with your medical expenses. This includes extra rent or utilities you pay because you moved to a larger apartment to provide space for the attendant. Employment taxes, You can include as a medical expense social security tax, FUTA, Medicare tax, and state employment taxes you pay for a nurse, attendant, or other person who provides medical care. For information on employment tax responsibilities of household employers, Go towww.irs.govand use the search box see Publication 926, Household Employer’s Tax Guide . What Forms Must You File? You must file certain forms to report your household employee’s wages and the federal employment taxes for the employee if you pay any of the following wages to the employee. *Social security and Medicare wages. *FUTA wages. *Wages from which you withhold federal income tax. Form W-2. File a separate 2009 Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, for each household employee to whom you pay either of the following wages during the year. Schedule H. Use Schedule H to report household employment taxes if you pay any of the following wages to the employee. What Records Must You Keep? All forms and instructions are available by going toirs.govand using the search box for each form. We would suggest that you may want to seek some face to face assistance about this matter.

How do you claim this deduction on your taxes?

THIS DEDUCTION ON YOUR TAXES will have to entered on the correct form or line of your 1040 federal income tax comeback before your income tax comeback can be ended correctly.

When can a decedents estate claim a charitable deduction?

They claim it on the estate taxes as a deduction. It has to be to an approved charity.

When is auto deductible waived on a collision claim?

When you file a claim against your own company you must pay the deductible. Your company may pay you back the deductible only in cases where they go after someone else who was responsible for the harm and your company manages to collect for that harm. Some (not all) companies may also waive the deductible if the insured made no claim in the past 1 or Two years, for example.

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Is your deductible waived on a comprehensive claim?

What can you claim as tax deduction?

You can claim this long list as deduction :medical, dental, prescription drugs, and other health care costs, state and local income taxes or state and local sales taxes, real estate (property) taxes, private property taxes (such as motor vehicle registration fees). Interest paid on a home mortgage, interest paid on investments (such as margin interest),cash contributions to charities and churches, and the fair market value of non-cash contributions to charities and churches, private losses because of theft or casualty. Job-related expenses that your employer did not reimburse you for, union dues, cost of purchasing or cleaning uniforms, job-related education, and professional development, job-related travel, home office expenses, tax prep fees, investment fees and expenses (such as IRA custodial fees and annual brokerage fees),safe deposit box fees, gambling losses (only to the extent of gambling winnings).

What happens to your deductible or premiums if you have accident claims?

In order to know the response to this, you would need to contact a custumer service representative at your insurance company.

How will your insurance deductible be affected after numerous accident claims?

Your deductible may go up. Most likely however, it will be your premiums that skyrocket. After some time with no claims, costs will lessen.

Can you claim a deduction in any way for child support payments?

Not unless you are permitted to claim the child as a dependent on your tax comeback. That option is generally governed by state laws. Not unless you are permitted to claim the child as a dependent on your tax comeback. That option is generally governed by state laws. Not unless you are permitted to claim the child as a dependent on your tax come back. That option is generally governed by state laws. Not unless you are permitted to claim the child as a dependent on your tax comeback. That option is generally governed by state laws.

Can you claim health insurance as a tax deduction if on cafeteria plan?

No, you cannot claim a tax deduction for health insurance if you are paying for the plan through an employer’s “cafeteria plan”. The cafeteria plan is taking the money from your paycheck before any taxes are applied, so you are already getting the cost paid with tax-free dollars. You cannot claim it twice.

What can you do if you do not have the money for the deductible for your home owners insurance claim?

You can either borrow money or what to get the repairs done until you have your deductible.

Can you claim comprehensive insurance after two days of the accident?

No, you can not. The only way any extra coverage is effective if purchased before an accident. This means, you’re stuck with all expenses if you don’t have “comprehensive” coverage.

Will comprehensive auto insurance cover a claim if a tow truck damages your car in transit?

I would say that the tow truck is liable for this claim. This is also what your insurance company will say even if they go ahead and pay the claim to keep you blessed. Most of the time your company will pay then they will subrogate against the responsible party. If you have comp and collision then their is no issue. If you have comp and not collision then issue of what happened may come into play.

Is a claimed dependent an exemption or a deduction?

Both. A taxpayer (the person who can claim the dependent) claims exemptions for themselves and their dependents. Each exemption qualifies them for a deduction. The amount switches each year ($Trio,700 per exemption for 2011) and a person will multiply the number of exemptions on Form 1040 line 6 by the amount for their total deduction on Form 1040 line 42. The deduction for exemptions reduces their taxable income.

Is there a deductible on comprehensive coverage auto insurance?

Usually there is a deductible on comprehensive coverage auto insurance. The deductible can range in different amounts usually from 0 to $1000 or even higher if it is a very expense vehicle.

How can one claim a deduction for a car donated to charity?

A person can claim a deduction for a car donated to charity depending on whether the car was auctioned off or given to a needy person. If the car was auctioned, the deduction can only be the amount the car was auctioned for. If the car was given to a needy person for no cost, you can claim a deduction for the fair market value of the car.

Do you need police report to claim comprehensive harm?

Usually not in the comprehensive claims especially if the vehicle was parked at the time the harm occurred. In the case of deer or animal collision I would call the police at the time of the accident because they company will want the driver listed on the police report. Also, note that theft and uninsured motorists are cases where you are required to call the police as soon as it is discovered and have them finish a report.

Can you claim phone bill as a deduction on your income taxes?

Not for domestical calls. Some tax agencies will permit deductionwhere the phone is used to del with formal business reasons.

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