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Can Oklahoma Police see do you have car insurance by your car tag?All Police in North America can check that either in car or by
Radio call

In Virginia can you own a car and not have tags or insurance if the car will not be driven?

I was told (when it came time to pay property tax), that you may have a car with no or expired tags, inspection sticker, insurance, and/or city sticker, BUT that you may still be charged property tax on the vehicle. There may also be local ordinances restricting where the car may be legally parked. With the car I had (as described above), I was not required to pay property tax due to the age/excessive mileage of the vehicle.

Can you buy a car in Florida and have it titled in your name but tagged and insured by someone else?

You can have it insured in your name, You can have it titled in your name as lienholder and have it registered to another party

When buying a used car from a dealer and they issue temp tags does the dealer insure the car for duration of the 30 day tags?

Reaction .
I am a used car dealer in GA. You are responsible for insuring your vehicle before it leaves the lot..
Response .
You may not understand: While the tags are improvised, they are yours, not the dealers. (Dealer tags are something entirely different, and only for cars the dealer wields). Makeshift tags are actually issued by the Motor Vehcile Dept. until the permanent ones and title/registration paperwork are ready. The dealer just treated the paperwork for you. Car is sold. Is yours and your obligation – dealer no longer has any risk, and would have no reason, most likely no right as he has no chance of loss, to insure it.

If you live in AZ and your spouse in NE and you have AZ tags for a fresh car that is in his name does the car have to be insured in AZ or NE?

When thru this in Aug of 2005 and AZ DMV was going to revoke title, registration, driver’s lic, and chg me a $50 fine unless I immobilized promptly; had to buy AZ Auto Insur coverage versus NC insurance; specifically asked if NC coverage would work and was told “insur has to be written in same state as auto registration.” Sorry

If you have bought a car and it can not be tagged because of fines owed to motor vehicles do you have to pay insurance?

You have to have insurance to obtain your tags. As long as you are not driving the vehicle you do not have to have insurance unless you have a lien or are worried about harm to the vehicle.

Can the police check and see if you have insurance?

Response .
In most states when a person is stopped by police and proof of insurance is not provided, they will receive a ticket with a date to show up in court to prove they were insured according to state law on the date they were given the ticket. If they do not emerge on the court date or make other arrangements with the court, they may be charged with contempt of court and other applicable violations.

Is it legal in Illinois to have a car in your name and have it tagged but not have insurance?

Reaction .
Driving around with no insurance in any state is illegal. .

Why do some police cars have registration tags while other police vehicles are state exempt requiring no tags?

Vehicle registrations are simply a state tax to use the roads in that state. Police, Fire, water department, schools, and any other municipally possessed vehicle is registration exempt. Meaning, the state does not tax itself..
As for unmarked police cars. The registration tag may look the same as the one on your POV, but the registration fee was not actually paid to DMV by the department which wields the car.

How old do you have to be to get car insurance in Oklahoma?

Contact an agent or your states dept of insurance they will be able to reaction that for you.

Car Insurance company canceled your car insurance without you knowing and police stopped you and you have to go court what will happen?

Assuming your insurance company cancelled the policy because you missed a payment, you are out of luck. The insurance company does not have an obligation to notify you of bills due, they do this out of courtesy because they would like to receive payment. If you are paying monthly find out what day your bills are due and make sure you pay them each month. If you budge or switch your phone number be sure that that is updated.

What fresh technology will be used for Texas police to see passing cars without insurance as reported on KXII north Texas news?

This is not fresh technology. It is simply the use of existing technology. the addition of a fresh state auto insurance database to law enforcements current patrol computers will now be available to Law Enforcement to determine if a motor vehicle has an active auto insurance policy and whom is insured under that policy. Law enforcement will now be able to determine valid Financial Responsibility at the scene or possibly even before a traffic stop. Just as they have long been able to determine active warrants, citations registration status and other valuable information from a vehicle license plate or from the drivers license, they will now be able to automatically determine insurance status for a vehicle or for the operator of that vehicle.

You were hit by a car while driving your bf’s car the tags on his car had expired three days earlier will insurance cover his car?

Most likely, yes. Most insurance companies ask for two months in advance when you get insurance. Just because his tags expired doesn’t mean he was not insured at the time of the accident. However, if you are not insured on his policy they may not cover you.

Can Oklahoma Police see do you have car insurance by your car tag?

What type of car is a police car?

it all depends!some are Chevy caprice,ford crown Victoria,some places have unmarked cars that are ford mustangs,dodge chargers,Chevy cameros.some other places have jeeps,dodge durangos,ford explorers & trucks. also BMW’s , Saab’s , vauxhauls , subaru’s Mercedes etc in Britain!!

How much is the police fine for no car insurance on avg.?

What country?.
In Australia there is no police fine. There’s a justice department fine. The main penalty would be if you were involved in an accident for which you were responsible. You have to pay the bill totally ontop of the fine from the justice department that will run into the thousands.

How much will it cost to tag your car in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Title, Registration and Miscellaneous Fees.
Title Fees.
Standard Title $11.00.
Junk Title $Four.00.
Certificate of Ownership $Four.00.
Registration Fees.
Noncommercial (auto, pickup, motorcycle, motor home and travel trailer).
1st through 4th year of registration $91.00.
5th through 8th year of registration $81.00.
9th through 12th year of registration $61.00.
13th through 16th year of registration $41.00.
17th year and over $21.00.
Commercial trucks and truck tractors registration fees are based upon the proclaimed gross laden weight. The age of the vehicle is also considered for trucks with a gross laden weight of 15,000 lbs or less..
Non-expiring commercial trailers $46.00 (initial registration for each fresh possessor).
$Four.00 (annual renewal fee).
Special Mobilized Machinery (always expires December 31) $556.00 annually.
Forest Power Units $256.00.
Forest Trailer $6.00.
Buses (Intercity and Intracity buses registration fees are based on the seating capacity).
Taxicab $31.00.
Limousines (can be registered as noncommercial, taxicab or bus).
Ambulances (registered commercial if commercial registration requirements are met. If applicable, may be registered as city or county.).

Related video:

Private School Bus.
$26.00 (seating capacity is 15 or less).
$31.00 (seating capacity over 15).
Miscellaneous Vehicles.
Farm truck $36.00.
Farm trailer (Optional) $7.00.
Private trailer (Optional) $7.00.
ATV, Utility Vehicles, & off road motorcycles $11.00 (one time per fresh proprietor).
Diminished Registration Fees.
US Military $21.00.
Disabled American Veterans $Five.00.
Physically Disabled (vehicle modified) $31.00.
Lost. Stolen or Mutilated $9.00.
Tag Substituted at Renewal $Four.00.
Boat and Outboard Motor registration fees are based on the Original Retail Factory Delivered Price and number of years registered..
Miscellaneous Fees.
Ownership Transfer Fee (due upon most transfers of Oklahoma vehicle titles) $17.00.
Vehicle identification number & odometer reading $Four.00.
Rebuilt Vehicle $25.00.
Lien processing fee $Ten.00.
Lien processing fee for Out of State Lienholder $13.00.
Mail Fee: ( For taxpayers who choose to register by mail and those renewing at tag agencies who choose to have their receipts come back via mail).
Plates $Two.00.
Receipts $1.00.
Liability Insurance Verification $1.50.
Notary $1.00.
Miscellaneous Fees.
Ownership Transfer Fee (due upon most transfers of Oklahoma vehicle titles) $17.00.
Vehicle identification number & odometer reading $Four.00.
Rebuilt Vehicle $25.00.
Lien processing fee $Ten.00.
Lien processing fee for Out of State Lienholder $13.00.
Mail Fee: ( For taxpayers who choose to register by mail and those renewing at tag agencies who choose to have their receipts comeback via mail).
Plates $Two.00.
Receipts $1.00.
Liability Insurance Verification $1.50.
Notary $1.00

Can the police know when they run your tags that your car is under repossesion?

It possibly depends on the state, but here, no. A repossession has nothing to do with the police. It is a transaction inbetween the finance company and the customer, and the police are not normally involved.

Why did the police take your car even tho’ you got insurance?

Most likely because you were not a covered driver under the insurance policy. We see this all the time. Hubby comes in and buys liability insurance, Excludes the wifey either because he says she does not drive or he thinks it might cost more per month. Walla,! Wifey gets pulled over and is not covered under the policy, so off the car goes to the pound. Many people mistakenly assume that auto insurance automatically goes after the car to any permitted driver. This is not the case. ReactionEither it got repossessed or they had a legal reason in which to do so.

How can you see if a car is insured?

you can see if a car is insured if they have a a sticker with a house on the window that has a bda house on it and their b-day card is switched.

How can you tell if a car was a police car?

Check the VIN number on the fords for a “P” code. “A38” on the chryslers, depending on year. Look for evidence of emergency equipment such as crevices in the roof or the a pile for a spotlight. Crevices in the dash are a good indication, especially in radio delete cars.

Do you have to have proof of insurance to get tags on a car?

To get tags the car must be registered. .
To register a car most states require proof of insurance.

Do the police have the right to pull you out of your car when you have license and insurance?

Yes. You must conform with a peace officer’s lawful orders as long as they do not crack your basic rights. They have the right to detain you on the roadside during a traffic stop, but must provide a reason for doing so. If they arrest you, they must read you your Miranda rights and state the reason for your arrest.

How long do you have to buy a car tag in Oklahoma?

A person has 30 days to purchase a fresh car tag in the state ofOklahoma. Most car dealers will give a person a 30 day temporarytag to use until the fresh ones are purchased.

I have car insurance but police say i dont have car insurance?

You should have been given a proof of insurance card from your insurance company. Call them for it and if necessary present it to the judge, that should clear the matter up.

My car was stolen and the insurance company paid me but then the police recovered the car?

keep the money and find another car, or give back the money and get your recovered car.

If car is parked without insurance can police take it?

the police can only take your car if you have a disturbance. they can’t take your car without any disturbance even if it doesn’t have any insurance. What country are you in? In Britain no tax or no insurance means points on your licence if driving and even if parked means towed away with powerful fine, storage fees and if not sorted in 14 days the car is crushed.

Can Oklahoma Police see do you have car insurance by your car tag?

What car is a police car in oergon?

Here is a site with pictures of some different cities’ cop cars… There are the reg ones and now they are bringing out the dodge chargers and other nice cars

If you have expired Oregon tags on your car can a police officer pull you over for it in another state?

Yes. Regardless of the state where your car is registered, if the plates are expired you can be stopped.

Can you drive a car with current registration and insurance but no tag?

No! If you have all documentation on the car, but missing the tags only, it’s just foolish. You’re asking for trouble, any time cops see a car without tags, they’ll pull you over and issue you a citation. Get your tags ang drive without any concerns of being pulled over, which is a hassel you don’t truly need.

How many car insurance polices can you have?

You only need 1 if sufficient coverage & only 1 would be honored anyway in the event it is needed. If you have more than one vehicle it is possible you may need a policy for each vehicle.

What if your car is taken without permission and a police car hit your car and causes harm to the police car and your car is your insurance liable.?

It depends on who is at fault. If the police car had his lights on, or otherwise was in the right, then the registered holder of the car at fault, will very likely be liable, no matter who is driving, and, your insurance may not have to cover it. If the driver has decent insurance, they may cover it, however. And, if they had keys to your car, then they had permission. In my practices anyway, that is the way the law views it. ReactionIf a car is taken without your permission it is stolen, no matter who is driving it or whether it is reported stolen. You should not be liable for any harm to the police car. How your insurance company deal with your claim is inbetween you and them, there is no general rule. In the UK there is a process for recovering uninsured loss.

Private seller has title of used car that is being paid for by buyer does the buyer have to get total coverage insurance to register the car and get a tag for the car?

In my state you only need to have Liability insurance the get a title and register the vehicle. If, however you have a loan on the car the lender will require you to have total coverage.

Car a gun in your car in Oklahoma?

Yes, you can. Before doing such, you should check with the Oklahoma State Police to get the information straight from the source as to how it should be transported in your car.

Can you get your old car tag on the fresh car?

In CT you can transfer your present registration and old tags toyour fresh car for a fee.

Can a police officer legally tow a car for expired tags if it is parked not being opperated?

Yes if it parked in a public area such as a parking lot or the street.

What do drivers do when they see a police car behind them?

usually people look at how swift they are going and then if they are exceeding the speed limit they attempt to slow down but usually the cops catches them attempt to do so. FAMILY FEUD: Slow downPull overLook in mirrorScare

Can you insure someone elses car in Oklahoma?

Most insurance companies will not, they require you to have an “insurable interest” in the vehicle.

What do insurance agencies see as a sports car and is a Nissan 240sx a sports car?

that iam not aware of what insurance company see as a sports car..but yes nissan 240sx is a sports car..this has been successfully raced in various motorsports race including IMSA GT series

Can Oklahoma Police see do you have car insurance by your car tag?

Can Florida police seize your tag for no insurance?

If there is a seize tag order from the state when they run the tag then yes they can if the driver is listed as a proprietor of the vehicle.

Could the police tow your car if you are not driving it and dont have insurance?

The police is the government and they can do many things, including towing away your uninsured vehicle. Do you expect a law enforcement officer to break the law and permit uninsured vehicle stay on the road?

Is car insurance valid in MO without current tags?

The insurance is still valid. However, if you go and drive it without it having current tags and registration and get into an accident, you’d be violating the terms of your insurance, and any claim you file as a result of such is likely to be denied.

Can you insure and tag a salvaged car?

Yes you can. Check with your motor vehicle department in your state. In most states, you will have to repair the harm, get the car investigated and pass inspection before they will issue a salvage title. This process will take several months.

Can you get car insurance in Oklahoma without a license?

If you are speaking of insurance to cover your carelessness (negligence) in operating the car, the reaction is no. However, some auto insurance policies may extend coverage to youthful people who have a learner’s permit, but that would be generally coverage via his/her parent’s policy. If you are speaking of physical harm coverage on a specific vehicle that you own or in which you have a legal interest, you can likely get physical harm coverage. This falls under the general heading of “insurable interest”, which refers to having a “stake” in the continued existence/condition of the vehicle.

Do you need proof of insurance to renew car tags?

Laws vary from state to state but most states require that you demonstrate proof of insurance in order to register your vehicle and get tags. In Georgia the State Department of Motor Vehicles has a system whereby the insurance companies upload policy information directly to the State computer system. An officer can access the system from a laptop in their vehicle and see if the policy is in force presently and which vehicles are covered on the policy. Fines are imposed automatically for even one day of lapse in coverage. You can also have your registration revoked and your drivers license cancelled.

Can police search your car when he sees tobacco?

If you’re under Eighteen, and thus unauthorized to have tobacco in your possession, then maybe. Depending on state laws, visual contact with an illegal substance is “reasonable cause” to search a car.

What car insurance polices are suggested by Frizzell?

Car insurance policies that Frizzell offers includes insurance for cars, vans, and trucks. Frizzell also offers motorcycle insurance, trailer insurance, and bicycle insurance.

Will a police officer give you a ticket in MD for not having two tags on your car?

You will not be cited for not having two tags if your car isregistered in a state that requires the car to have only the reartag.

Is there a fine or can your car be impounded if driving with expired tags but registration and insurance is current in AZ?

Seems like your registration being current would have provided youwith a tag to put on your license plate. You would most likely get aticket that would be rescinded if you obtain current licensetags–fill out the correct form and bring in five dollars.

Does a car that is not drivable require insurance in Oklahoma?

Is the car on Private property or parked in a public place? On your Private property, without valid Tags and Without a loanagainst it then no insurance required.

What all states police officers can run your car tag to see do you have car insurance?

Most Ploice (85% or more ) in all states can tell if the insuranceon a car is valid from inwards the car.

Can your car insurance see police reports from a hit and run?

They will have a report of any and all claims you ever made as well as anything that is on your driving record. They will also have a record of anyone that has ever been listed on an auto policy or received mail at your address. The best solution is to tell them the truth up front then the agent can place you with the best company for your situation.

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