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You have no car or insurance if you drive a friends car are you covered by their insurance?Provided that there are no exclusions in your friends policy, anybody driver their car with permission will be covered if they cause an accident. You are of course subject to the coverages and boundaries on your friends policy. Ex, if your friend has just liability, the insurance company will only pay for damages you cause to the other party, not harm to the vehicle you were driving.

Are you covered by a family member’s insurance when driving their car?

Insurance Coverage. The response below is incomplete. It is true that you should check with your carrier, but keep in mind, their response will normally will result in getting more premium. With State Farm and Allstate you as a policyholder will always be covered, unless an excluded driver uses your vehicle. Otherwise you will be covered. If the driver who is involved in the accident lives in your home they will add the driver onto your policy, or exclude them in the future after the accident, regardless of who is at fault. If you are a fresh policyholder, you must disclose all drivers living in the household at the time you are purchasing the auto insurance, or run the risk of fraud. Autoclub will lower your liability to the state min. which is 15000/30000, regardless of what thresholds you have and are paying for. Mercury will attempt and get out of paying the claim until they get tired of you pushing them. Mercury has to be one of the worst insurance companies one could have in the state of Ca. The reaction lies with your insurance company. If indeed they consider you an authorized driver/operator, they will be blessed to provide a document to that effect. I think, however, that you will not be covered without being added to the policy by name. Everyone in my home that drives on our insurance has a card that states this. More opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: .
You have to check with your agent. Some companies such as Mercury, require that everyone in a household be listed as a rated driver or an an excluded person including puny children. .
There are several factors that need to be considered. “Family member” is a term infrequently used on an automobile policy. My brother who lives across the country and very likely doesn’t even know the color of my car is a family member, but he MAY NOT be covered to drive my car. On the other forearm, if he came to visit, borrowed my car and had an accident for which he is liable, those damages would likely be covered. Look for the term “resident relative” in your policy. That will dictate coverage questions for family members living within the same residence. The key here: is there someone either residing in your household or related to you and driving your vehicle frequently enough that they should be ‘rated’ so that your premium payment accurately covers your probable risk? (i.e., you may have a child that attends college away from home, but comebacks on major holidays and summer cracks…. you may have a sibling, down on their luck, waiting for finances to improve, but staying with you and using your vehicle to get to job interviews.) If you have non-standard coverage, the carrier will likely require you to list everyone in the household; those who do not have a valid drivers’ license, or do not meet their underwriting criteria, will be specifically excluded. The comments about Mercury Insurance and state thresholds are misleading. Not every state has the same minimum thresholds. If you are carrying named driver limited lines coverage, ‘covered drivers’ takes on an entirely different meaning than on a standard policy form. On a standard policy form, almost any licensed driver that drives your ‘listed’ vehicle WITH YOUR PERMISSION, is ‘covered’ while they are driving it barring insurance risk concealment fraud. Generally, however there may be exceptions state to state or company to company, on a named driver policy, ONLY the ‘listed’ drivers are covered. In Wisconsin, anyone to whom you give permission to drive your car is covered by your insurance. You can not exclude any driver here. The bottom line is, you need to check with an agent you trust in your state because the laws about who is hidden covered and who is not vary dramatically state to state.

If your friend lets you drive his car and then you get into an accident and his insurance does not cover that do you have to pay for the repairs?

Assuming that you were at fault in the accident: you broke it, you bought it. Do you have total coverage on a car that you own? It might cover the harm if you were only using his car temporarily while yours was unavailable. If another driver was at fault, your friend should be attempting to collect from him or his insurance.

Who’s insurance covers you if you drive a friend’s car but only have a learner’s permit and your parent’s and the friend are insured?

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Usually the insurance on the car covers any permitted driver unless that driver is excluded in writing.

In what circumstances does your auto insurance cover you and the car if you are driving a friends car?

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Car insurance goes after the car..
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If you are using the friend’s car temporarily, with permission, as a substitute for your own insured car, your insurance should cover you if the friend’s insurance does not..
Question .
What if my friend (who has the car) does not have insurance and I want to pay for my faults and fix it – will he be arrested?

If your friend drives your car and was under the influence and crashed it would your insurance cover it?

Response .
About the only time that there is no coverage for a permissive driver is when that person has been officially excluded, in writing, prior to the accident. All normal provisions of the policy should apply. You and the driver of the car must cooperate with the investigation of the accident with your insurance company.

Who is covered under your insurance policy Will your insurance cover your niece to drive your car?

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Yes, if she has not been previously excluded in writing. If she is going to be a regular operator of the vehicle then she needs to be listed as an operator on the policy..
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An automobile insurance policy coveres named insured, family and anyone who with PERMISSION drives the vehicle.

Are you covered by your insurance if you are driving in a cast and are involved in a car accident?

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It depends on your coverage & the state, but normally if you have utter coverage your insurer will cover any accident you are in.

Can your friend drive your car if you are both insured?

Cars are insured, not people .
People are not insured. Vehicles are. .
In other words, it’s not necessary for a vehicle proprietor to determine whether a potential driver is insured. The possessor knows whether his car is insured. It is necessary, however, for a person who wishes to drive a vehicle to ensure that it is decently insured. I would not operate a vehicle unless I witnessed a valid insurance card for it.

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Can you drive an insured car if you have no insurance?

Driving another persons insured CarIt is always best to ask the holder loaning you the vehicle if you will be covered under his policy. If he is not sure then he should contact his Insurer and verify before you drive. It never hurts to have your own operators or non owners policy in place for extra security if your an occasional driver without a car right now. Each US state regulates it’s own insurance needs through it’s state legislature. Insurance for a loaner would depend on the type of Policy that the Vehicle possessor presently has in place as required in that state. It could also depend on the nature of the vehicle loaned or hired. If the Proprietor has a Limited Liability or a Named Driver Policy then no other drivers may be covered even with permissive use. If the holder has purchased a Broad Form Auto Insurance Policy then generally permitted drivers are covered. It is a common misnomer that Auto Liability goes after a vehicle. In Fact, Auto Liability Insurance covers and goes after the named insured(s) (usually the vehicle proprietor) and the named insureds legal liability that may arise out vehicle ownership and operation. Most liability coverage will even go after the defined insured to a replacement vehicle, When on a standard form auto insurance policy, liability coverage is afforded even when tertiary or third party through an accident of a permitted driver. This point of concept of vicarious legal liability of a property proprietor and the contracted liability of the Specific Policy Form suggested by an Insurance Company is where the misunderstanding arises. Limited lines Policies tho’ economic can leave gaps in coverage so it’s best that all drivers even non owners carry financial responsibility. The Concept definitions of Legal Liability of the proprietor of a property and the Financial Responsibility of all vehicle operators on public roads is determined further in the US by the regulations of the individual state of registration. ReactionAccording to law if the proprietor of the vehicle has insurance on the vehicle, and “loans” you the car, and you are listed as an occasional driver of that vehicle, then you are covered. Otherwise, you will have to purchase your own policy. Dependent DriversBe careful. The reaction to your question varies from state to state and you need tocheck the laws in your state. In the state where I live, an under 25 driver who lives with you must be insured on your policy to drive your car and it’s very expensive. Insurance coverage is different if someone who does not live with you uses the carfor your convenience . It can get very complicated. Insurance companies are doing more and more to mitigate rising costs of repairs, medical treatment and their liability.

Does your parent’s insurance cover you if you get in an accident when driving a friend’s car?

secondary to the policy insuring the vehicle you drovewith permission ….barring any exclusions on your parents policy ….

If you have an accident driving your friends car who insurance covers?

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typcially , insurance stays with the car meaning the insurance on the vehicle would be primary……….

If my daughter does not own a car and is not listed on my insurance policy can she drive friends cars and does their insurance cover any accident she may have?

Response .
Subject to anyexclusionsin their policy, with permission she would likely be considered an insured driver, but many many exclusion, and one is that she isn’t a ‘regular” driver, without being rated on the policy of course.

You have no car or insurance if you drive a friends car are you covered by their insurance?

If you have liability insurance are you covered no matter what car you drive?

Liaility .
It depends. Some insurance policies go from car to car while others are car specific. In most cases it’s the latter, so check with your insurance carrier.

Will your insurance company cover you if you are driving a rental car?

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In most cases, yes, but check with your present insurance agent to make certain.

Can your insurance cover you driving your employers car?

To whom it may concern,.
Normally, your insurance will not cover you driving your employer’s car. Your employer normally or should carry insurance on their company cars..
Best Regards,.

Uninsured driver driving insured car is he covered?

If a person is driving a car and he/she is uninsured but the vehicle in which he is driving is registered and insured to another individual, the registered proprietor is liable for the damages to the other pwesond’s vehicle.

You sustained injuries while driving a friends car does their insurance cover your agony and suffering?

Whether the drivers injures are covered under the insurance dependson the type of insurance carried. It also depends on if the wreckwas their fault or not.

Possessor of car says car is insured and you are covered-you crash-it turns out the car is not insured-your insurance covers other party but not the car you were driving. Who pays for damages to car?

The person that lied to you about the insurance would have to pay for it. you could even take them to court. If they lied about the insurance on your car, they could be arrested under a puny amount.

You wrecked your friends car it was your fault they had no insurance nor do you what type of insurance do you need that will cover you when you drive some else’s car?

You can buy a “Non-owners” or a “Named Operator” policy that will cover the harm you cause to the other party for injuries or property harm to the other vehicle. The only way to cover harm to the vehicle you are driving is to have the holder of the purchase a traditional auto insurance policy, with comprehensive and collision coverage, and then list you as a driver on their policy.

If you have no car insurance can you drive a car?

If you have a valid drivers license and permission to drive the car, then yes, you can drive the car as long as the proprietor of the car has insurance on it. Unless the person is part of the household and has been deemed a non-covered driver by the car holder’s insurance company. Let’s say father has insurance on car. Son live’s in house, however has been revoked or has a horrible driving record. Son has permission by father to go to store. Gets in a wreck, doing injury and insurance company had son named as not a covered driver. No coverage then.

If driving a car with no insurance will home owners insurance cover you?

Not in the UK. It is most likely the same elsewhere in the worldHome insurance will cover your legal liability, but not while driving a auto. Hence auto insurance. the best u can get out of ur home insurance is maybe ur contents in an auto accident.

Got a no insurance ticket in friends car but i have insurance will that cover me?

The ticket very likely wasn’t for no insurance, it was for no proof of insurance. Depending on your state, you should be able to just go to the county clerk (or just attend the court date on your ticket) showcase the judge proof of insurance.

What happens if you dont have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car – she has insurance?

Her insurance may state ‘other drivers with the insured’s permission’ in which case her insurance would at least in part cover harm to other people/cars, but very likely not to her own car. If her insurance does not have that clause, you are most likely in trouble.

Does your insurance cover a borrowed friends car without insurance?

If you are driving the car it may cover you, but it won’t cover a car unless it is on your policy. Depending on your policy it may not cover you either. Some insurance policies don’t cover you if you permit another driver other than yourself to drive your car. Check your policy.

If you are buzzed and are uninsured but is driving a car that is insured and get into an accident are you covered?

You will NEVER be covered when you are tipsy, you will be fined and put in jail! the reason for this is that too many idiots get behind the wheel of a car when they are inebriated , many they have no respect for human life and do not even bother to think that they could kill someone!!

You have no car or insurance if you drive a friends car are you covered by their insurance?

If someone is driving your car and you do not have them on your insurance and they get into accident are you covered?

Albeit it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

If your friend has no insurance for his car can you drive it legally on your insurance?

No. The only way you could possibly be covered under your own insurance is if you purchase the car and have a bill of sale in your name and your State has provisions for freshly acquired vehicles. You would also have to be driving the vehicle with a copy of your registration and your license plate. Always check with your insurer very first to make sure they will extend coverage

Will your insurance cover your car if you crashed while tipsy driving?

If you have total covered insurance YES. Otherwise it will only cover the other person. DUI accident its just like a regular accident, with the difference that you will go to jail.

Does us car insurance covers driving in Canada?

Yes. U. S. auto policies permit vacation or business driving intoCanada. Keep in mind that this does not mean someone can buyinsurance in one place and live in another place. This is calledinsurance fraud and not only punishable by denial of claims butalso by prison and or fines. U. S. auto insurance does not extendsuch privilege into Mexico. All U.S. auto coverage finishes at theMexican border.

What insurance covers you in any car you drive?

Usually cars are insured for that specific vehicle. Clauses in the policy will detail the coverage of other drivers and any exclusions such as age or license requirements etc. If you have the drivers permission you are usually covered so long as you meet these clauses. To get insurance that covers any car you personally drive you will have to contact the insurance companies to go through what you require.

Does your insurance cover you to drive a car that has no insurance?

Your individual auto insurance will be secondary to the insurance of the vehicle that you are driving (assuming you do not own it and it is not a business vehicle). If you get involved in a car accident while you are operating a vehicle that is -not- yours, then the insurance of that vehicle has to pay very first, and if that insurance is not enough (or is not there) then your insurance will kick in. Notice that if you get pulled over by police they will ask you to showcase proof of insurance on the vehicle (not your insurance.) The law requires all vehicles to be insured, not individuals.

Can you drive a car that is not insured but you have insurance?

No. Generally, your policy covers you and your own car. It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in almost every state. If there is an accident, there will be no coverage, the car will be impounded and you will be arrested. However, insurance laws vary from state to state. You should speak with an agent who does business in your state.

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Does your insurance cover your car when an uninsured driver is driving and have a wreck?

It truly depends on the type of coverage you have. Normally if that person had permission to drive the vehicle, you have total coverage/collision insurance, and that person was at fault your insurance will cover damages. If someone else caused the accident, you would still receive damages from their insurance if they were insured. Sometimes however the driver’s insurance would cover your damages under certain circumstances. As always, it is truly best to ask your insurance carrier or refer to your most latest coverage letter from the company.

Does home owners insurance cover if your friends car was violated into?

If YOUR belongings were in the friend’s car and they were stolen, they are covered on YOUR homeowners or renters policy. If your friend’s belongings were stolen from a car, HIS or HER homeowners/renters policy would pay.

Can you get car insurance on a friends car?

Insurance for a Friends car. Yes you can so long as you also schedule the proprietor as an insured. State Law requires that all Operators of motor vehicles on public roads carry proof of Financial Responsibility. That creates an Automatic legal Liability Interest and requirement in you and the vehicle your driving. The proprietor and any permitted operator have an interest in the insured status of the car. If You have permissive use from the possessor of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal proprietor of the Property or the designated agent of the holder can receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered property loss. Avoid any problems with legalities, the insuring contract or vehicle registration and inspection renewals, address owners and drivers. you should list both yourself and the decent proprietor and any lien holders as insureds on the application. Insurance Company underwriting guidelines require it. We have Customers regularly buy insurance for vehicles of relatives and friends. Just honestly disclose your situation up front. Don’t misrepresent, honestly disclose all risks and insure all the interested parties. You may have to make Two or Trio calls before you find an Insurance Agent who knows how to appropriately address the risk but you should have no problems obtaining the adequate coverage. Failure to decently disclose all interested parties can void your insurance coverage. ResponseNo. The holder of the car is the only one with insurable interest so they have to have insurance on it. Also, the local DMV requires the title/registration name to match the name on the insurance policy.

What happens if you are driving a friends car who has insurance. Are you covered?

Ordinarily, a person must be named on the policy as a user of the vehicle in order to be insured under the liability coverage. This is because in setting the premium, the insurer takes into account the driver(s) ages, practice, driving record, and other factors.

Your son was driving his friends car with permission and got into an accident – does he have to pay top fix the car himself or does insurance cover this.?

That depends on the insurance that you and the friend have. Your insurance may cover your son in any vehicle. Same as with the friends insurance covering any driver. You just have to call and ask.

You have no car or insurance if you drive a friends car are you covered by their insurance?

Does your insurance cover you if you crash a car while test driving?

You should have coverages available but your policy is considered secondary to the insurance that is on the vehicle.

Does my CT car insurance cover me to drive to FL?

Yes. It covers you no matter where you are as long as you are paid up for your coverage and it is an active policy.

What happens if you are driving a friends car who has insurance are you covered?

As long as you have a license. The insurance goes after the vehicle, not the driver.

Can you drive your friends car and still be covered by his auto insurance even tho’ you dont own the car?

Yes you absolutely can still be covered if your in a situation where you get pulled over by a cop and are in a friend’s vehicle. All you need is permission and reasonable belief from the insured.

Can you drive the insured car of a deceased friend?

Yes, as long as he is in the car. He may be in the trunk, if you don’t want to have a corpse in the passagener seat.

What happens if you don’t have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car she has insurance?

As long as she has the correct insurance that permits the car to lent to a friend then it should cover you.

Does my insurance cover a friend driving my car?

yes because if you have insurance on your car as long as you name is on the title and you were in the car with your friend most likely the insurance will cover it

Can i drive my friends car without insurance?

It depends. If you are going to be driving a car in most states, the state requires you to have insurance. Your friend’s insurance could cover you but if you hurt somebody in an accident they will come after both you and your friend, so its significant to have your own coverage. You don’t want to lose all your money and all your possessions to a person you hurt just because you don’t have insurance. If you don’t own a car (like if your employer provides you a leased car and its the only car you drive), you can still buy insurance called a ‘non-owners’ policy. This would be good if you are going to be driving your friend’s car a lot.

Would my insurance cover if somelse in my house drive my car?

Yes. As long as you have obeyed the terms in your policy and you have all members of your household listed on your policy. If you have not listed all household members on your policy as drivers and have not paid the required premium for that person why would you think that the insurance company should pay the claim. You have lied to the insurance company and therefore voided your legally strapping contract by means of material misrepresentation. Most likely if they find out the person will be listed as a driver and you will very likely have your policy cancelled.

Does insurance cover car damages while driving out of state?

Yes. Your insurance adjusts to the higher or your liability boundaries or the minimum thresholds for the state that you drive into. Be aware that all U.S. insurance will cover you in Canada as well but not in Mexico. When you cross the border into Mexico your insurance does not. If you stir to another state you are required to notify your insurance company and if you don’t it could be a cause for denying your coverage.

Is it legal to drive a car when you are not covered by holder’s insurance?

Not in the UK it’s not ! If you knowingly drive a car withoutinsurance – you’re committing an offence – punishable by a fine& points on your licence. The vehicle’s possessor could also be introuble for ‘aiding and abetting’ a criminal offence.

Are you covered by a family member’s insurance when driving their car in Georgia?

As long as you are sure they have insurance and if you are listed as a drive on such insurance policy. If these cases are both yes then you will be covered under their insurance as long as you have permission to drive the vehicle.

What is the legal if drives your friend car in that car is not insured and you get a ticket for driving without insurance?

If there is no insurance on the vehicle and you get a ticket for driving without insurance you are guilty of the offense and will have to pay your fine. Even tho’ the vehicle belongs to someone else it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure there is valid auto insurance on the vehicle before driving it.

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