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If you accidentally burn your car up due to cigarette falling on floor will your insurance and GAP cover your entire loan?
Yes.This is how it works…..Your insurance will cover up to the retail value of the car which may be a entire lot less than the loan amount left.The difference inbetween the retail value and the loan is what the gap covers, so you’ll be set.

What can you do if your car is stolen and you still have a loan on the car but your insurance does not cover theft and they recover your car totaled?

Reaction .
YOU pay off the loan like you agreed to in the contract. You likely agreed to have ins. that covered theft also..
Response .
You should have had utter coverage on a car with a loan on it. Sorry, you have to pay the loan off and now you own a totaled car! Comprehensive coverage isn’t that expensive and would have covered theft.

If you loan your car to a step-child who does not live with you will the insurance company cover in case of an accident?

Anyone you give permission to is covered on your policy. Family members are certainly covered, even step children no living with you. Do not use this availability as primary insurance for them however. They should be listed on the residential parent’s policy.

If your vehicle get stolen and the auto insurance pays the blue book value would the gap insurance cover the rest of the payment on your car loan and what is the limit?

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When a car is under lien and stolen/wrecked, the very first payee is ALWAYS the lienholder. You will receive nothing, and the lienholder gets reimbursed for the value of the car. Any outstanding would be your debt. Most insurers make deals with Lienholders to indemnify and lodge up the loan. Not always however. MAKE sure to ask the Insurance company how much was paid to lienholder, and ask for proof too!

Are Cigarette Burns covered?

Maybe but each burn is a separate incident subject to your Comprehensive or Other Than Collision deductible.

Do you have to keep up the payments on a car if the car has been stolen and the insurance company is being SLOW and you also have gap insurance?

Response .

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You signed the loan papers and until the loan is paid in total you and you only are obligated to your creditor. If you don’t make the payments on time you will have your credit bruised.

Which insurance covers the harm when your daughter loaned her car to an insured friend who hit a car in an intersection due to poor visibility and the driver of the other car was arrested for DUI?

Response .
More than likely your insurance. Check with your insurance carrier for the response.

If you get a ticket and you are not covered in the insurance of the car you were driving does the insurance go up?

Reaction .
A no insurance ticket becomes part of your overall driving record and can and will be used to determine rates for any insurnce policy you have or want to have.

How do you get another car loan or will you have to wait until the loan is closed if you have a loan on a car that was totaled and insurance and GAP insurance will pay the total loan balance?

Yes surely you can get another. I was having the same query so I searched for it on net and came across the site AutoFinance-EZ. Interest rates are determined by the actual lenders and are influenced by several factors, including the severity of credit problems, the amount of down payment, and the degree of credit risk. Your auto loan accomplished will explain these factors, and tell you exactly what your interest rate will be. .
If you are not sated by the deal you are getting for a 2nd loan on your car, attempt looking for a payday loan.

Does GAP cover an uninsured car?

GAP Coverage .
Yes and no. In order to recover a GAP claim you would most likely have to provide proof of a claim to the dealer. However, you won’t receive any money for the ordinary fact that the insurance paid for the total loss and all GAP indeed does is cover any balance left over. For example, if your car’s worth 15,000 but you owe Legitimate,000, also known as being upside down in a loan, the insurance will only pay up to the market value of the car. So you’re stuck with the remaining Trio,000 dollars. GAP will pay the Trio,000 if you have it. The reason for this is that whether a car’s running or not, totaled or not, you signed that loan contract promising to repay it and unluckily these contracts ARE legally trussing (if they weren’t dealerships would be out of business) so the loan does have to repaid one way or the other. It deep-throats, especially when you total a car or someone totals yours, and even tho’ GAP may have kicked in, you will get zero money unless you somehow get other funds paid to you by the claim. Look on the bright side, you won’t be stuck with a loan balance on a car you can no longer drive either. To keep your cars value up is elementary. Don’t crash it obviously, keep up on the maintenance, take care of the inwards and outside by cleaning and washing it, if you happen to suffer a minor dent or scrape get it eliminated. Also, attempt to own a car that’s commonly bought and usually retains good residual value. This means when you buy a car and by the time you finish with it, you can get a decent price for it when you ultimately sell it.

What does gap insurance cover?

Gap coverage is intended to cover the difference inbetween what the car is worth and what is owed on the car. So if you owe 15,000 on a vehicle that has a value of 12,000, you should be covered.

What is a GAP policy for a car loan?

Response .
Gap Insurance will pay the difference inbetween the vehicle value and the loan pay off amount..
For example : you car is valued at $17,000 but the loan amount on the car is $20,000 – if your car is totaled your basic car insurance will only pay up to the car’s value. A GAP Policy will pick up the $Three,000 difference..
Therefore you aren’t making payments on a vehicle that is at atotal loss..
IMO- is a must have!

Is Gap Insurance on cars worthwhile?

GAP insurance may well be worthwhile. GAP insurance is extra car insurance, generally obtained from the dealer that sells the car, that covers the difference inbetween what the insurer pays for a total loss of the car and what may be owing on the car loan. Normally, if a car suffers a total loss, the insurer will pay the actual cash value. This is the value of a vehicle of like, kind and quality, with similar mileage, accessories, in similar conditon; the actual cash value is calculated for the same general geographic area as the insured vehicle. Because the amount owing on the loan may be more than what the car is worth, GAP insurance pays the difference. rather than the insured being responsible for paying it to the lender. Naturally, if you paid in total for the car upon purchase, you do not need GAP coverage. Likewise, once you pay off the car loan, GAP coverage may be canceled.

If you accidentally burn your car up due to cigarette falling on floor will your insurance and GAP cover your entire loan?

Your car was parked and hit by someone their insurance will cover it will your insurance go up?

No because they will only give you 25%, not even enough to buy a fresh spandex hood! my car was parked and hit from behind and severly bruised the right quarter panel and more should i be worried about after effects from this backend harm

Can your medical insurance expect you to cover the entire amount due because they filed the claim Two yrs late and the insurance will not consider the claim?

Well at fault here is the facility where you had the medical care. There is a timely filing period that most insurances have from 30days up to Two years. The insurance department at the medical faclilit should know those timely filing thresholds for each insurance company. So they are at fault and should eat or (write off) the balance as long as you were indeed covered by insurance at this time, and you had given the decent card or insurance info when you received treatment. If not that’s your fault. Always update insurance information when you go in for any type of medical treatment.

Does gap insurance cover the remainder of a loan from a voluntary reposession of a vehicle?

Gap insurance does not cover repossession anything. It only covers if you wreck the car and owe more than it is worth.

Your car is a total loss and pay off is about half of the amount of your loan you carried some from a prior car will your GAP insurance cover the majority or all of the remaining balance of the loan?

You will need to read your GAP insurance information. Like car insurance each plan is different. Some GAP insurance plans state they will pay 100% of the “resale” value. Others state 125% (meaning the current resale value of your car plus 25% above that). Others state 100% of “trade-in” value..
Bottom line – read the insurance plan document you got from the company, or visit the car dealership you bought the car from and pick up a pamphlet..
Good luck to you!

Does homeowners insurance cover a fireplace falling through the floor?

Homeowners insurance covers many things, but not faulty construction or harm caused by deferred maintenance. You will have to check with your insurance company to see if the problem and its cause are covered.

Does home owners insurance cover accidental falls?

It depends on the circumstances. Most homeowners insurance policieswill cover some of the medical expenses if a person falls and getshurt on the homeowners property, but only if the homeowner wasnegligent.

Does car insurance cover car harm when driver fall a sleep at the wheel?

Utter coverage generally means it doesn’t matter what caused the harm. But if the driver is at fault, he/she will be liable for possible criminal charges and future insurance rates will be higher.

Does gap insurance cover a repossession?

Gap insurance only pays if the vehicle is totaled in an accident orstolen and not recovered. It does not cover the deficiency balanceafter a repossession sale.

In the state of Illinois does your insurance cover the the loan on your car if you receive a DUI?

No. The loan on your car has nothing to do with a DUI. If you do get a DUI, most most likely your insurance renewal premium will go up a lot. But, your insurance has no reason to cover your auto loan. It is up to you to make your loan payments with or without a DUI on your record.

What if your car repossessed with gap insurance?

The gap insurance is part of your auto loan so I am not sure what your question is. Gap insurance covers your car if you total it and the fair market value for your car is below what you owe. If your car gets reposessed, you still owe the lender. Actually, the cost of the gap insurance is spinned into the loan – it’s not part of the loan. If you can find your original paperwork from when you bought your car, find the information on the company that issued the gap insurance policy, and then call them and tell them you no longer own the car, and see if you can get a partial refund on the premium! Can’t hurt to attempt, right? I do vehicle refinances, and our auto loan contract includes the gap insurance (albeit we call it something else) for free, so I have helped several people cancel their gap coverage, albeit we usually do it pretty early in the loan. Same with credit disability insurance, if you have it.

You have gap insurance and total coverage insurance but your bf totaled your car and he is not on your insurance will your insuances still cover your car?

You’ll have to seek out the fine print in your gap policy for details on that. In regards to your auto policy, utter coverage does not have anything to do with who is covered, but everthing to do with what is covered. Generally speaking harm to your car will be covered, minus your deductible, unless your beau is excluded from the policy. For the future it’s always a good idea to add drivers to your policy, even if it’s for a day, no sense in putting yourself in a position like this.

Are you still covered by gap insurance if my loan is in default?

In many cases you would still be covered, but not usually for the amount by which your loan is in default and not for any extra charges and interest applicable to that default amount.

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Heart attack is it covered by accidental insurance if the person who suffered the heart attack and during that time the person falls on the floor and dies is it considered as accident death?

The medical examiner can determine the cause of death, and the insurance company would agree with the ME.

If you accidentally burn your car up due to cigarette falling on floor will your insurance and GAP cover your entire loan?

Does gap insurance cover theft?

Yes, But only if there is a gap in the final loss payment by the underlying auto insurance policy. If there is no underlying Auto Insurance theft coverage then the Gap Policy is null and void and no coverage would ensue.

I had a wreck. Insurance wants to total the car. When I purchased the car I purchased GAP insurance. I packed Bankruptcy Chapter 13. Wondering will the GAP insurance cover balance of after insurance?

Yes, you have taken a wise and wise step. When your car will be totalled by the insurance company, than the balance amount of the loan which you will have to pay will be paid by the gap insurance. This is the purpose of gap insurance..
Gap insurance pays for the difference in the insurance settlement and the loan amount when there is an accident or a misfortunate event that leads to a claim like theft of the vehicle..
The purpose of insurance is to save a person from financial problems.

If you fall in your house does your insurance cover you?

It would depend on the reason for your fall, but most likely your insurance would not cover you for that.

Does homeowners insurance cover a car under collapsed roof due to snow?

Homeowners insurance specifically excludes harm done to any fourwheel motorized vehicles and motorcycles. Your only coverage forsuch is under an auto insurance policy and you will need to havecomprehensive coverage for such a claim.

Would liability insurance cover you if harm to your car was due to road conditions?

No, your collision and other than collision would be the place to get those coverages. Liability protects you from having to pay if you injure or harm someone else or their property.

What does accidental death and dismemberment insurance cover?

Exactly that … accidental death (not from natural causes). As for dismemberment, some policies permit partial compensation for losing a foot or a palm, or maybe for an eye. Having stated the above, please bear in mind that this is not a blanket response that will apply to each and every AD&D insurance coverage. Different insurance plans may vary on what is covered and how much the compensation will or will not actually be. In all cases, consult your insurance carrier for the ‘official’ word.

Gap insurance is from the auto loan or your insurance on the car?

GAP (assured asset protection) auto insurance coverage is one the most necessary, yet least understood insurance products available to vehicle owners. It is generally purchased through the auto dealership or leasing company at the time of the initial purchase or lease. It’s purpose is elementary: If your car is totaled, gap insurance will cover the difference inbetween what your insurance company says your car is worth (actual cash value) and what you still owe on your loan or lease.

Does gap insurance cover if your behind on car payments?

Unluckily, no. What gap coverage does is pay the balance on your car loan if your car is totaled and the insurance payment is not enough to pay off the balance of your loan. Fairly often our vehicles depreciate swifter than we can pay them off. Insurance only pays the depreciated (blue book) value, so sometimes what you will get from your insusrance company doesn’t pay off the loan.

Tree falls on car on a rental property does homeowners insurance cover it?

No Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for automobiles. You would have to look to your auto Insurance to file a comprehensive claim. No one is liable for an act of nature.

Does insurance cover when tile floors crack due to fresh house lodging?

The following are not covered, “Lodging, shrinking, bulbous or expansion, including resultant cracking, of pavements,patios, foundations, walls, floors, roofs or ceilings;” Sorry the response is no.

Car totaled insurance value car at 16000 and loan amt is 12400 can you use your gap insurance to pay off car loan?

If they gave you 16000 on the car, you would not need gap insurance since your loan amount is 12400.

What does gap auto insurance cover?

Physical harm coverage on an auto policy says that the insurance company has the option of paying to repair, substitute, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. In the case where the harm to a vehicle’s cost to repair is more than the ACV of the vehicle the vehicle is totalled and the company will pay the ACV of the vehicle. Sometimes when you buy a fresh vehicle without much or any downpayment you quickly get “upside down” in the loan. As the value of the car depreciates, the loan balance doesn’t fall almost as prompt. For the very first duo of years you owe more than the value of the vehicle. The insurance company has nothing to do with auto loan. GAP insurance was created to cover the difference in the ACV of the vehicle and the loan payoff. You can buy GAP insurance from the finance company or bank that financed the vehicle or from your insurance company. Purchasing from the insurance is much less expensive and you can drop the coverage once the loan balance falls below the value of the vehicle.

If you accidentally burn your car up due to cigarette falling on floor will your insurance and GAP cover your entire loan?

Does gap insurance on you car expire?

GAP insurance helps cover the difference if your car is deemed a total loss and is worth less than what you owe on the loan. GAP insurance only runs out when you pay down your loan enough that you have equity in the vehicle.

What is gap insurance for a leased car?

GAP coverage is very necessary especially in a lease situation. GAP coverage comes into play if a vehicle is deemed totaled. What GAP does is to pay for the difference in the actual cash value that is payable under the normal policy and the balance owed to the lease company or finance company of a loan. In the early years of a lease or loan the vehicle value falls quicker that the value of the vehicle. If you total the vehicle within this period you can find yourself without a vehicle but with a sizable amount of money due on a vehicle you cannot drive any more. GAP coverage will pay this difference. The Finance Dept of the auto dealership will attempt to sell you on this GAP insurance. Very first, no matter what they say, it is not mandatory to but it from them. Individual Auto insurance companies suggest GAP insurance that does the same thing for about 10% of the premium the dealership charges you for the same coverage. You will also have a right to cancel the coverage whenever you feel the value and loan balance have equaled out. One catch is that you must purchase the GAP coverage from you insurer withing 6 months of purchasing the vehicle. As a matter of utter disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Company in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Prior to that I worked as an agent for a direct writer of insurance for Three years.

Does car insurance cover the cost of damages if you accidentally slide your car into a transformer box during a snow storm?

They will cover the damages to your car, but your rates will more than likely go up because you are filing a claim on you own car.

Does homeowner ins. cover a car burned due to bad electrical?

No, Home Hazard Insurance is for damages to your home due to a covered peril. Auto Insurance Comprehensive coverage is for damages to your car. You will need to seek coverage for your car from your Auto insurance Policy.

Does insurance cover pool harm due to falling trees in a hurricane?

It depends on the insurance policy you bought. You should contact your insurance agent and ask if you have coverage for extra structures and if your Pool is scheduled as an extra structure.

Do insurance companies cover accidental harm?

Yes, Homeowners insurance provides coverage for unexpected accidental losses as defined under the policy schedule of covered perils.

Will home owners insurance cover kitchen floor coming up?

It depends on why they are coming up. If the harm was caused by a covered peril on your home insurance policy then they would be covered. If the flooring is just old, worn out or the result of poor workmanship they would not be covered. That would be considered a part of the homeowners normal and expected maintenance responsibilities.

Will homeowners insurance cover tile flooring harm due to water leak coming from shower area?

Yes as long as the leak has not been let go for a long period of time before reporting the claim.

Does gap insurance cover a death?

No. If a car is determined to be a total loss as a result of a collision, GAP insurance pays the difference inbetween what the collision coverage pays as the actual cash value of the car and the outstanding loan balance.

Does your home owners insurance cover harm to neighbors car due to high wind?

No, Your Homeowners Insurance will not cover windstorm damages to your neighbors vehicle because you are not liable for acts of nature. Your neighbors will have to look to their own Comprehensive Auto Insurance to cover windstorm damages to their vehicle.

Will insurance cover accidental harm to TV?

Well, the reaction depends on what kind of accidental harm happened to the TV. If lightening hit the power line and bruised the TV then yes it is covered. If you got made at the news one night and accidently threw a lamp through the TV then no it is not covered so it depends on the facts. If it was bruised by a covered cause it will be covered but you will also have to pay your deductible very first so it may not be worth filing a claim anyway if that is all that was bruised.

Does your home insurance cover harm to your car from falling tiles during a storm?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover damages to your automobile. Your home insurance policy is property insurance for the specifiedstructures and real property listed on the policy. Cars are not listed as covered property on your home insurancepolicy, that’s what auto insurance is for.

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Does life insurance cover accidental death due to gasping due to alcohol?

It all depends upon the intake of your alcohol and whether youdeclared the same while packing up proposal form for your lifeinsurance policy. It’s at the discretion of the insurer to acceptthe claim of accidental death due to gasping for alcohol intake.

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