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Can you get auto insurance if you do not own a car?Yes you can, it’s called a named non-owned policy. It covers you to drive a vehicle you do not own, and it only covers you to drive a vehicle that does not have insurance. If you borrow a friends car and have a name non-woned vehicle and have an accident, the insurance goes after the vehicle, so their insurance will pay. That company may subrogate and come after you then it would be up to your insurance company to determine if they’d accept liability.

Is it legal for your auto insurance to add your 19yr old to your policy as a secondary driver knowing he possesses his own car and has his own insurance?

from A Texas General AgentYes, They can do that, but only if you fail to proclaim him as driver or exclude him from coverage. You can still avoid having him on your policy by excluding him from your policy after the fact. Just finish a form 515A to exclude him from coverage. After filing the 515A with your insurer they are no longer permitted to place him on your policy nor charge you for it. They will also not be responsible if he subsequently has an accident in your vehicle. Since he already has his own insurance and the liability portion of an auto policy will go after the driver to a loaned vehicle, this should not be a problem, so long as he keeps up his payments on his own policy. Many Insurers and Insurance Agents will not voluntarily disclose this information to you tho’. This is because Insurance agents work on commission, the larger your insurance bill, the more they make, any percentage of Two dollars is more than the same percentage for 1 dollar . Fairly naturally having a Nineteen year old fresh driver on your policy will send your payments sky high. So they will always advise you to leave him on your policy and attempt to persuade you it is for your own protection. Most youthful masculine drivers will eventually suffer a loss of some type whether it be major or minor. Should they be driving on your insurance policy when this happens, Your premiums will increase accordingly for the next three to five years. again the more you pay the more they make. If your insurer turns down to provide you with the necessary exclusion form, You should report them to your State Insurance Department as this would be considered an unethical practice and a means of gouging the public. I would also advise you to find another Insurance Company if you determine unethical practices on the part of your insurer. I always advise my customers to place freshly licensed youthful drivers on a separate policy of their own. This is to protect you, the Parent from unacceptable rate increases on your policy. Yes, an insurance company will always want all the family members living in the same house on the policy, because it is their belief that eventually, there will come a time, when the son or daughter has to use the car just for one errand, and if they get into an accident, the company is going to instantly deny the claim. So, this is not only for the insurance company’s protection, but yours as well since you would be stuck with the bills after they deny the claim. Any more questions, email me at [email protected] Sean IL Licensed Insurance Producer

Who pays for your injury if you were injured in someone else’s car but have your own auto insurance as well?

The only coverage on an auto policy that covers costs for you and your passengers medical expenses is Med Pay Coverage. You health insurance will also pay for injuries. Med Pay is an optional coverage but will pay for an accident involving an automobile even when not in your car.

Does your 16 year old need auto insurance even however he does not own a car?

Response .
All regular drivers of a vehicle need to be listed as drivers on that vehicles insurance policy, even if they don’t own the vehicle. Failure to disclose an operator could be determined to be insurance fraud and grounds for the denial of a claim. If a 16 year old has a driver’s license but does not drive vehicles in the household an official exclusion should be placed on the policy that aknowledges that there is a licensed driver in the household that does not use the vehicles.

Do you need your own auto insurance to rent a car?

Insurance when Renting a Car: You only need non-owners insurance. It is relatively inexpensiveand lasts for the term that you have the rental car. Most rentalcompanies provide this type of insurance as part of the rentalpackage. The renters responsibly varies from state to state. The rentalcompany will suggest you a protection package which includes LDW/ALI/PEP/PAILDW/CDW= waiver the cover the cost of only the rental car ALI= covers 3rd party damages PEP= covers private belongings, stolen harm in vehicle PAI= Individual accident Insurance covers medical bills, in and outof the car These are not included in the rental fees. Each one is separate andyou are charged a daily fee which varies and the state and the typeof vehicle you are renting. Also just a little side note, if you rent a car and drive out ofstate and get into an accident out of state, your responsibilitychanges to that state’s law regardless of where you actually rentedthe car.

Can you purchase auto insurance for your son on a car wielded by your ex-wife She would hold the title to the car but you would be listed as the responsible party?

Reaction .
Generally speaking the holder of the car insures the car and lists the people who drive the car as operators. This is regardless of whether the primary operator lives in the household or not. Some insurance companies will permit the person who has care custody and controll of the vehicle to insure it whether they hold title or not.

If your auto insurance permits you to drive other people’s vehicles do the other cars still need their own insurance for you to be covered?

Albeit your own auto insurance may very well go after you to a loaner vehicle. It only goes after you as “Secondary” coverage. It is still the vehicle owners responsibility to provide “Primary” coverage for his or her vehicle when that vehicle is being operated on public roads regardless of who is driving it. Additionally, If an officer runs the license plate of the loaner vehicle you are driving and finds that it is uninsured. The driver will be ticketed. It is not the officers responsibility to determine if your coverage from your own vehicle transfers to the one you are driving. You could always argue that in court at a later time if you wish in your defense. If an at fault accident were to occur, Both the driver and the vehicle possessor can be held financially liable for any damages or injuries that may occur, so the proprietor must still have the vehicle insured to cover his or her own liabilities even however they may not have been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Recall that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to provide “primary” coverage for the vehicle. ResponseIn all likelihood, yes, the car does need to be insured. This is because the vehicle in question would have to be decently registered in order to do this it must be decently insured. That being said, the proprietor of the vehicle can buy insurance just to cover the car while it’s parked. Dual check with your insurance company. It is likely to cover the car while you, the insured, are driving it.

If you own two cars do you have to carry the same auto insurance on both cars even if both cars are in your name?

You can have ins on both car with same ins polictyReactionYes, You need both cars insured. the vechicle can be added to your policy.

If you are listed under your bf’s auto policy as a driver can you add the car you own to his auto insurance coverage or does he have to own the vehicle?

adding yourself to his insurance .
If you are listed as a friver you should be covered under his insurance which means you should be able to add your vehicle as wee.

How do you insure a car that you do not own?

Response .
Most insurance companies require that you have an insurable interest in order to be able to insure something such as a car..
Somecompanies require that your name emerge on the title or registration in order to be able to purchase an auto policy in your name.

Can an 18-year-old get auto insurance without wielding the car?

This question is a little confusing. You specifically state “the” car, so there must be a specific car that you drive on a fairly regular basis??? Otherwise, I will response as however you don’t own any car, and you don’t have a specific car that is available for your regular use. A Bond is one method of being ‘insured’ while you drive “A” vehicle. They are available from numerous carriers. Not all carriers provide this; it is reserved for high risk drivers and some carriers provide no products at all for ‘non standard’ drivers. It doesn’t insure you in any particularly car; rather, it goes after the bondholder. Another product, available in SOME states and only by SOME carriers, is a “Non Wielded Auto Insurance Policy”. It will provide an actual policy with policy language much like a regular auto policy, except that it will act much like the bond mentioned above. It covers the driver and not a specific automobile.

Can you get an auto insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle?

Reaction, I did in Oregon & Washington .
I did in Oregon last year (2005)with Progressive. But it cost an extra $15 a month. You can in Washington also for extra $.

Do you need auto insurance when have a license but you don’t own a car?

Reaction .

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The smartest thing to do is to call some insurance companies in your area to get a accomplish response to thins, as all states/provinces have different laws..
To response this question, no you don’t need auto insurance if you have a license but no car. You can still drive other peoples cars as long as they have insurance and it is a infrequent occasion (like he had too much to drink at the bar, and your driving him home.) It cannot be part of a regular routine however, such as borrowing the car every Wednesday to drive to work. If this is the case, then you will have to have your own coverage, or be put on someone else’s coverage as an occasional driver.

Can you get auto insurance if you do not own a car?

What if you don’t own the car you are insuring?

Then you are running the risk of having elevated insurance premiums, should you ever own your own vehicle and attempt to insure it, and this vehicle/policy has a bad/rough insurance record.

Do you need auto insurance when you don’t own a car?

Response .
not generally………insurance stays with the car……………in other words, unless you or other drivers are excluded from a vehicle policy, whomever drives that vehicle WITH PERMISSION is an insured driver of that vehicle.

Can you get your own car insurance at 16?

Yes you sure can, if you have an adult that can sign the contract with you. You have to be Eighteen to sign a contract. If you are old enough to drive you are old enough to buy car insurance. Keep in mind at your age it’s going to cost you more. Insurance companies associate enlargened liabilities for youthfull drivers.

If someone with auto insurance hits your car do you still need to report to your own auto insurance?

Reaction .
It truly depends what state you live in. Albeit if you have utter coverage on your vehicle you should report through your company and your company will go after the other insurance company to get their money back. If you have no collision coverage for your vehicle then you will need to file with the other insurance company and they will determine who was at fault for the accident, if their insured is at fault they will repair your vehicle

Can you still get auto insurance if you dont own an auto?

you can purchas auto insurance on any vehicle you want, even the presidents, as long as you have supporting documents.

Do you need auto insurance to drive a car possessed by someone else if you don’t own a car?

Reaction .
yes, not for the car but for yourself. you will not be insured on their car tho’ if you crash it.

Can auto insurance be obtained without possessing a car?

Drivers are not required to own a vehicle to obtain liability auto insurance. If you do not own a vehicle you can purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed vehicles, rented vehicles, or behicles wielded by others. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privileges (for example, after having your license suspended due to an at-fault collision and not having insurance to cover the other party’s damages), you may have to obtain a special kind of high-rish non-owners coverage that is generally referred to as an SR-22. It is usually substantially more costly than standard liability coverage. Not all insurance providers suggest Non-Owners coverage. It is significant to contact insurers or their licensed agents directly and ask if they suggest this specialized form of coverage to obtain a quote. In all events, it is critical to ensure that the insurer is authorized to transact auto insurance in your state. This can be done be checking with the state insurance regulatory authority.

Can I have Auto insurance without a car?

Ask an insurance company for a “broadform” policy. That will cover you for any car you drive. .
Another view .
Yes, albeit it’s rather pointless. Why pay for insurance on something that you don’t even have or own … there is no need. If you drive someone else’s car, you are covered under their insurance policy, provided you have their permission to drive it.

Can you get insurance on an auto if ido not own it in pa?

No, because there is not an insurable interest on your part. You can pay for it. But the titleholder of the vehicle is the policy holder.

Can I purchase insurance for a car that i do not own?

Well, you may indeed, but you are in responsibility! Whatever happens to the car, you will have to face the consequence!

You do not own a car but you are renting a rental car How should you buy a non-owned auto liability insurance?

A rental car is hired with a certain insurance included. The renter is responsible for a certain amount of harm to the vehicle, which is often covered by a credit card company – find out from the card company what the conditions are.

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Do you have to be the possessor of a car to get auto insurance?

Yes. Normally you have to own a vehicle to insure it. You cannot purchase insurance on a vehicle that you do not own with a few exceptions. The exceptions deal with a family household situation. Vehicles titled to a hubby or wifey may be insured on the policy of either one and the same thing applies to children living in the home as a car titled in an adult child’s name may be added to the insurance policy of the parents.

Do you need auto insurance to drive your own car?

Yes. It’s as much for your protection as someone else’s. If you’re financing the car, the lender usually requires proof of insurance. The state also requires proof of insurance when you renew your license plate tabs or submit the car for inspection (whichever your state requires)..
Most states have a minimum level of coverage that’s required that is pretty affordable.

Can you get auto insurance if you do not own a car?

If you have your own auto insurance policy for a different car will you be covered if you drive a car not on your policy?

If the vehicle not listed on the policy is a fresh car that you have recently purchased, you generally have 30 to notify your insurance company of the switch. If the vehicle you are driving is just a friends car then, no. Insurance is primary to the vehicle and it is significant that the proprietor of the car have insurance on it and that any drivers of the car be listed as covered on their policy. There are exceptions to everything and these rules will vary by company. It’s best to check directly with your insurance company for questions like this.

Can you get auto insurance with out having a car?

Even if you do not own acar , you still need insurance protection if you drive one. The auto you borrow, rent, or use may have decent insurance coverage, but you also should protect yourself with private liability protection. Here is how to get it: Ask for the cost of higher liability coverage based on the assets you own and your projections of future income to be protected. For your protection, consider purchasing as much liability insurance coverage as you can affordAsk the insurance company or agent about your state’s minimum liability coverage rules. States differ in the minimum liability insurance coverage they require. .
Analyze your assets, including home, furniture, art , clothing, computer , electronics, and all other individual assets. Get quotes for liability insurance only. .
Estimate your future income. This is significant because, like life insurance, you want to protect your future income as much as possible. This calculation often results in a larger amount than all of your individual assets. I wish you the best .

Can you get car insurance for a car you do not own?

Yes. … and no… the person that possesses the car actually has to be the polcy holder. But you can be a listed driver and the one who pays it and get practice for having insurance. the holder of the car doesnt even have to be a driver. But because she/he wields the vehicle they have an insurance interest in the car and must own the policy.

Do I have to have insurance if I don’t own a car?

Sometimes. Normally you would not need auto insurance if you do not own a vehicle. In some cases a person is required to have insurance in order to keep their drivers license due to past violations of driving without insurance or such. In this case you can purchase what is called a non-owner auto policy. This completes the requirement to keep your license and gives you some auto coverage if you drive someone else’s vehicle. You can only purchase liability and uninsured motorists coverage as well as a few other endorsements but cannot purchase insurance to cover harm to the vehicle you are driving.

Can you get insurance on a car you don’t own?

Yes. It is generically referred to an non-owners coverage. It provides liability protection for you when driving a car that you do not own.

Do you have to have auto insurance to rent a car?

If you have liabilitycoverage on your own car, it will generally also apply to the rental car if the rental can be considered a “improvised substitute vehicle” (such as if you are on vacation or if your car was damages and is being repaired). However, if you do not otherwise have coverage, the rental car company will require you to obtain it, either through it or by some other means.

How do you buy a non proprietor auto liability insurance if you do not own a car but you are renting a car?

You can purchase it for a daily fee at the car rental agency you rent from.

Can you get auto insurance without a car?

Yes, you can. Ask your insurance company for a “broadform” contract. This contract insures you for every car you drive.

Can you have auto insurance without a car?

You do not have to own a vehicle to truss car insurance. If you do not own a vehicle you can purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed and unowned vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a policy for individuals who drive borrowed cars and have a need for liability insurance. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privilege and do not own a vehicle, named non-owners policies are the best solution. These policies will provide you with liability coverage in any car you do not own if you are found at fault for injuries or harm. .

Can an insurance company deny auto insurance to a wifey on her own car if her husbands license is suspended?

Yes, by law you must list all household members. At this point they are either included in the policy or excluded. It sounds like your with a standard company that wants absolutely nothing to do with your risk. Look for somebody that offers non-standard insurance policys, at this point you can either determine to include him in the policy or exclude him. As long as his license is not permanently revoked you can include him on the policy.

Do you have to own a car to have liability insurance?

It sorta makes sense that you would own a car. If you do not own a car why would you want liability insurance?

Can you insure a car that you don’t own?

No. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. The exception would be in a family situation where two spouses own two vehicles and insure them on one policy.

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Can you get auto insurance if you do not own a car?

How old do you have to be to have your own car insurance?

If you are old enough to legally drive then you are old enough to buy your own Auto Insurance. However due to the limitations of a minors obligations under contract law most companies will not sell you a policy as a minor. Some will sell you a policy but only if your parent or other legal guardian countersigns your application for you. Glad Motoring

Can you get car insurance with out possessing a car?

No. Every insurance companies are required those applicants to have at least one car to avain a car insurance.

Can you register and insure a car that you do not own?

You CAN register a car possessed by someone else in some states, but doing so can lead to many problems if the driver gets into trouble and you are registered to the car. Insuring a car you do not own can also lead to problems but many more people do it. (e.g., if your dad is lending you his car and he says that you have to insure it.)

What are the benefits of auto car insurance?

The benefits of auto insurance are that if a natural or human caused accident were to happen, you would be able to feel safe that your car will be repaired or substituted.

Can you drive your friends car and still be covered by his auto insurance even however you dont own the car?

Yes you absolutely can still be covered if your in a situation where you get pulled over by a cop and are in a friend’s vehicle. All you need is permission and reasonable belief from the insured.

Can parents be found liable for Nineteen year old daughter with own auto insurance and own car causing an accident?

Generally no but you could call your insurance agency to make certain she is not connected to you through insurance in any way. As a general rule for protection against creditors you should also make sure you have homestead protection on your real property. In some states a homestead exemption declaration must be recorded in the land records. In some states the protection for the primary residence is automatic. Generally no but you could call your insurance agency to make certain she is not connected to you through insurance in any way. As a general rule for protection against creditors you should also make sure you have homestead protection on your real property. In some states a homestead exemption declaration must be recorded in the land records. In some states the protection for the primary residence is automatic. Generally no but you could call your insurance agency to make certain she is not connected to you through insurance in any way. As a general rule for protection against creditors you should also make sure you have homestead protection on your real property. In some states a homestead exemption declaration must be recorded in the land records. In some states the protection for the primary residence is automatic. Generally no but you could call your insurance agency to make certain she is not connected to you through insurance in any way. As a general rule for protection against creditors you should also make sure you have homestead protection on your real property. In some states a homestead exemption declaration must be recorded in the land records. In some states the protection for the primary residence is automatic.

Can you get auto insurace if you do not own a car?

Yes, It’s sometimes called “Non Owners” coverage or sometimes called an “Operators Policy”, depending on the language preference of the insurance company.

Can you insure a person and their car on your own insurance?

No. Unless they are your legal, current spouse you cannot do it for any reason. If you do and have a claim, the insurance company cannot pay you because it’s not your car and they can’t pay the other person, because they do not have a contract with them. No one gets paid and no refunds are issued because you lied on a legal contract.

How do you own a car without auto insurance?

You can own a car, but without auto insurance you cannot ply on the road and the Police will confiscate your licence.

Who possesses the Citifinancial Auto Insurance company?

Citigroup Inc. is the multinational company that wields Citifinancial Auto Insurance. Despite suffering enormous losses during he recession in 2008, Citigroup was able to stay open due to bailout money from tax payers.

Who ownes the 21st Century Insurance auto insurance company?

The 21st Century auto insurance company is a company that is wielded by the Farmers Insurance Group of companies. The company headquarters is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Where can one get car and auto insurance?

You can receive car and auto insurance through companies such as Allstate, Farmers Insurance, and Esurance. All of these companies provide free online insurance quotes.

Who possesses state Auto insurance?

State Auto Insurance Company is a large insurance company that writes auto, home, and other lines of insurance in most states. I don’t believe it is part of another group but it possesses other insurance companies as subsidiaries of State Auto.

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