Is a car engine a renewable resource?

Is a car engine a renewable resource?

Is a car engine a renewable resource?No. They’re made of metals. And while metal can be recycled, neither humans or nature can make more of them. When they’re used up, they’re gone.

What are renewable and non renewable resources and their uses?

Uses: All these resources are being mainly used to generate electro-therapy. Oil is also used for transport and the production of plastics. Minerals like metal ore and gold are nonrenewable, but may be recycled and reused. Renewable ResourcesArenewable resourceis something that is being continually substituted quicker than we use it up. .
Solar energy is considered arenewable sourceof energy because the sun’s energy is continuous. (Note that the rest of this list are all forms of solar power.) .
Wind Power .
Water Power (Hydro-electricity from dammed rivers, tidal rivulets and ocean swings) .
Thermal Power from the earth (Geothermal: Using the earth’s fever to generate electric current) .
Thermal Power from the ocean .
Biomass, the searing of plant material, is a renewable resource. Even however the searing puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it also prevents a much greater amount of methane being released by the decomposing vegetation, so it is rated as positive. .
Trees are renewable because we can replant them. Non-Renewable ResourcesAnon-renewable resourceis something that is not being substituted as we consume it. .
Oil is a good example of a non-renewable resource. It is used to make gasoline and other fuels, as well as plastics, such as grocery bags. We are using billions of gallons of oil every year, but it takes millions of years to be substitute. We are using up oil much much swifter than it is being produced. Once we use up oil from the earth, it’s gone. We can’t wait millions of years for some more. .
Coal is non-renewable. .
Peat is non-renewable. .
Uranium is non-renewable. — Most of the time the two terms are referring to sources of energy: Renewable sourcesare sources of energy that can be reused or that will proceed regardless of you using them: power from the Sun, power from flaps, power from wind. Nonrenewable sourcesare sources of energy that have a limited supply and will run out, and not be able to be used in the future: Oil, Coal, Gas. — Renewableenergy sources are wind, solar, and hydro-power, and biomass. They will never run out. Nonrenewableenergy sources are coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. The similarities are that most of them have a relation with the Sun. A nonrenewable energy source and a renewable energy source are similar in the way some of them are used to convert energy (you cannot create energy, it can only be transformed from one energy form to another.) The similarities are few but there are many differences, most of the positives are on the renewable energy’s side. — When you use petrol, gas, coal… basically anything you burn to produce warmth and then turn this energy into electro-stimulation of mechanical energy (a car engine) you are using a raw material that isnot going to be substituted . In fact petrol, gas, and coal take million of years to be naturally produced. When you are searing wood (from trees), the tree grows again… eventually if you let it do so. This energy can be “kind of renewable” as long as another tree grows as swift in order to substitute the one you cut.

What is a renewable resource?

A renewable resource is something that we can use, and it’s stillthere after we’ve used it. Solar power, geothermal power (fever fromdeep under the ground), wave and tidal power and wind power are allrenewable. Renewable resources can also be resources that need some effort touse up like oxygen, wood, fish, insects. The definition written in the dictionary :any natural resource (aswood or solar energy) that can be replenished naturally with thepassage of time. Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels like wood that weburn once are finished and are non-renewable.

What are renewable resources?

Renewable resources are things like solar energy from the sun. wind, Geo thermal energy, and running water. Renewable resources are things that will always be around it willnever run out. in other words stuff that can be used over and over and over andover and over Goods that can be re-used. :DThe sources of energy which can be replenished again is calledas renewable resources. This can help the Earth be sustainable.

Is the sun a renewable or non-renewable resource?

The sun is a renewable resource. Solar power keeps on coming no matter how much we use it. This is why we have to quickly devise more and better ways of harnessing this power so we can stop searing coal and oil.

Is wildlife a renewable resource or is it non-renewable?

Wild animals are self sustaining through reproduction, but they are most likelynon-renewable , if the primary meaning of renewable is ‘inexhaustible’. The estimate is that 99% of all species that ever lived on earth are now extinct. Depending on whether or not they are consumed in some way during their use as a resource, wildlife could be seen as non-renewable.

Which resources are renewable?

Renewable means that the thing can renew itself by growing quickly, like plantation pine trees, or grass, or crops, or chickens. Or it can renew itself by being part of a cycle, like water, which usually comes back as rain. Or it can renew itself like the power of the sun, or the wind, or the tides, which always come back afresh, even if we have used as much as we can of it today to corset electro-therapy.

What are renewable and non-renewable resources?

Renewable resourcesare resources that can be substituted as rapid as we use them. (sunlight, wind power, water, olive oil). Non-renewable resourcesare resources that cannot be substituted as quick as we use them. (coal, gold, oil, natural gas, diamonds). A: They’re words that refer to how effortless/difficult it is to obtain more of the material. Wind power and solar power are regarded asrenewablebecause it truly doesn’t matter how much you use, there will be more tomorrow. On the other arm, once you burn coal, it’s gone. Coal is therefore anon-renewableresource. Renewable resources is a natural resource that can be substituted at the same rate at which the resource is used and Non-renewable is a resource that forms at a much slower rate than the rate at which it is used. Renewable is anything like wind, sun or wave power. The source of the power won’t run out. Non-renewable energy is oil, gas and coal. These resources will eventually run out, at least to the point at which they will become too difficult to mine and unworthwhile.

Are clothes a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Clothes are not truly a resource. A renewable resource is something like sunlight, or wind, or ocean wave energy, or tidal energy, that you can use, and it’s still there next day. So you don’t use it up. Clothes can be made of natural fibres, like cotton or linen, but these have to be kept growing to provide the material. So long as there is water and land to grow them, we can keep providing more. Clothing can be made from nylon, rayon, polyester etc, most of which are made from oil. Oil is not a renewable resource. When we use it all, there is none left. Sometimes they can be, in that they can be used again or made into other clothing or useful items. They will eventually be gone tho’.

Is timber a renewable or non renewable resource?

non renewable resources. I disagree. Timber/trees are renewable; they replenish themselves.However, care must be take so that not more trees are used than canbe replenish.

What is renewable resource?

A renewable resource is something that we can use, and it’s still there after we’ve used it. Solar power, geothermal power (warmth from deep under the ground), wave and tidal power and wind power are all renewable. Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels like wood that we burn once are finished and are non-renewable.

Is steel a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Steel is a non-renewable resource. A renewable resource is like solar power, which keeps on coming no matter how much we use it. Steel is made from metal ore, which is dug out of the earth. When it is all finished there will be no more. That is why recycling steel is so significant.

What are renewable resources and renewable energy?

Renewable resources are resources that can be renewed after being used. Trees for example are a renewable resource because more trees can be grown. Rapidly renewable resources are resources that can be renewed quickly for example bamboo. Renewable energy is energy that can be renewed after use. Solar energy is a excellent example of a renewable energy. The sun can keep providing energy because the sun is always shining. The energy is renewed. Tioga Energy specializes in the renewable solar power energy. Visit their website at the link below to learn more about renewable energy.

Is a car engine a renewable resource?

When is a resource renewable?

a resource is renewable when it can be made again in less than a hundred years or using other formats like wind mills, solar energy, hydroelectricity and such.

Is wood a renewable or a non-renewable resource?

Renewable is the key word here. Resources like gold, silver, oil,coal are not renewable, at least on a time scale we couldrecognize. When you use up a non-renewable resource, it’s gone. So some forests are renewable , that is, trees can be replantedand grown to maturity in place of those that are cut down. Others are not renewable, like rain forests that have takenthousands of years to grow. If you cut one tree down, you can plant one in its place. Inforestry, this is called rotation. Many forest grounds in, forexample, the south of the USA, are on a 35 year rotation. Thetimber will be selectively harvested up to 35 years of age, thencut and replanted. This timber is a renewable resource, also calledplantation forests, which are planted and then cut down to makepaper. It is sometimes called a sustainable resource, so long aswe keep planting and growing trees at the same rate or better as wecut them down.

Is Water a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Water us a renewable resource because of the water cycle. The water that you use will eventually evaporate and then condence. From there it will couse precipitation and come back to you again as a liquid, and thus the water cycle was born. renewable

What is a reneweable resource?

A renewable resource is one that cannot be used up. This would make petroleum, metals, and anything else dug from the ground non-renewable. Things like wood, fish, crops, water would be renewable if the use is kept at a rate lower than the rate of renewal. As can be shown with cod stock depletion, many of these are in the non-renewable range of use. Then we have the special case of wind and solar power. These resources are abundant and evidently our use does not reduce them, but the sources are essentially finite even tho’ the time framework to their last days is very long.

Can a resource be renewable and non renewable?

Yes, it actually can. Take water, for example. It is a renewable, non-renewable, AND a permanent resource. Resources can be both.

Is wind a renewable or non renewable resource?

The wind is a fully renewable resource. Wind is created from a combination of energy from the sun heating the atmosphere, water and land, and the earth’s rotation. In the utterly unlikely case that all of the world’s energy needs were provided by wind, there would be an unnoticeable reduction in total atmospheric energy, some micro-climate switches in the area of wind turbines, and a vast net positive compared to the impacts of fossil fuel generation being eliminated. Wind turbine power generation is renewable power. Total lifecycle cost analyses display that wind has one of the highest ratings in terms of total lifecycle energy net balance of all sources of energy. They pay off the energy cost of materials, construction and installation very rapidly and accrue a very strong positive balance over their 20-25 year lifespan. When wind turbines are decommissioned, industry practice is that not only does the infrastructure get reused through the installation of larger wind turbines in the same geography, but that the old wind turbines are generally saleable as refurbish-able components for other wind turbines, or as high-value scrap. Wind energy has virtually no influence on the land it is sited on. In fact, wind turbines are a strong net positive for ground water and aquifers, and in some places wind energy is directly being used to recharge aquifers with clean water. It’s a very virtuous cycle. Wind energy requires very little backup power or storage in integrated energy grids. Studies and practice out of the UK and Finland demonstrate that up to levels of 20% of grid generation coming from wind and other variable renewables, only 20% of the generation capacity of the renewables is required as backup. This is dwarfed by the reality that grids require hot backup for their largest point generation sources, as nuclear, hydro and major coal plants regularly go offline unexpectedly due to a multitude of causes, often with little notice. For example, while a single wind turbine searing in 200 kph winds in Scotland in December of 2011 made headlines world-wide, the real story was that a nearby nuclear reactor was taken out of service for 54 hours as its transmission lines blew down. That represented a loss of 17 gigawatts of energy to the Scottish grid. This dwarfs the 1.Two MW of generating capacity from the one wind turbine, especially as the other 11 wind turbines in the farm kept generating electro-therapy.

Is bromine a renewable or non renewable resource?

Yes, the formula would be 2NaBr + Cl2 –> 2NaCl + Br2This uses sea water and unspoiled chlorine. Hope it Helps

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What are renewable resources and nonrenewable resources?

Non-renewable resources are resources, for example sources of energy, that cannot be renewed (i.e. they will eventually run out). They are not produced continuously, but the available stock on earth is just being used up until nothing is left. These include things like coal, oil etc. Renewable resources do not run out (they keep being renewed). These include things like plant material (when you grow a crop, you can harvest it but keep growing it again and again because they produce seeds), or sources of energy like sunlight and wind, that will always be there and never run out.

When can a renewable resource be non-renewable?

If we use it up quicker than it renews. Wood is a good example. Wood is usually renewable, because we can plant more trees that will substitute the ones we have cut down. But if we don’t plant enough trees, or if we use wood swifter than it grows, or if we cut down rainforest trees that have taken hundreds of years to grow, then wood is non-renewable.

Is Phosphorus a non-renewable resource or renewable?

Renewable refers to things like wind or sunshine, which keep on coming even if we use them to produce energy. Other things are classed as renewable if we can grow them as quick as we use them. Like vegetables. Other things get used up and don’t renew, like rain-forests and minerals. So phosphorus is non-renewable. When we use it all up, there’s none left.

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Can a natural resource be renewable or non renewable?

Some natural resources are renewable, like: .
sunshine .
water .
wind .
tidal energy .
plantation forest timberOther natural resources are non-renewable, like: .
coal .
oil .
natural gas .
diamonds .
gold .
metal ore .
bauxite .
rainforest timber

Is platinum a renewable or non-renewable resource?

like all metals, platinum is made of minerals which are mined from the earth, thus non-renewable. my biology professor says it is renewable 🙂

Is cement a renewable or non renewable resource?

Renewable refers to things like wind or sunshine, which keep on coming even if we use them to produce energy. Other things get used up and don’t renew. So cement is non-renewable. When we use up all its ingredients, it’s gone!

Is a car engine a renewable resource?

Is brass a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Renewable refers to things like wind or sunshine, which keep on coming even if we use them to produce energy. Other things get used up and don’t renew. So brass is non-renewable. When its basic components are all used up, it’s gone!

Is coal a non-renewable or renewable resource and why?

Non-renewable. We dig it up out of the ground and we can’t make anymore of it. Adding more, Coal is found in the insides of earth in form of natural resources,they are formed by processing of the trees and other biologicalresources

Renewable and Non-Renewable resource?

A Renewable resource is an orange and a non renewable resource is natural gas and oil.

Is freshwater a renewable or non renewable resource?

Rigorously speaking, it is non-renewable because water is a ordinary molecule and there is not much hydrogen around to combine to oxygen and make fresh water. However, at the local level it is often considered that water is renewable because the global hydrological system is immense so the flows are such that water is generally locally replenished everywhere. But if you inject water deeply underground (like it is done with wastewater from mighty industrial processes) or send it to space (hypothetically) then the water is out of the global hydrological system so it’s kind of a non-renewable use of water.

What is Iraq’s renewable and non-renewable resource?

Iraq has abundant renewable resources in the form of hydroelectric power and non-renewable resources in the form of natural gas and oil. The resource that produces the most income for Iraq is oil. Hydroelectric power and natural gas resources are significant, as using these energy sources within Iraq, permits more oil to be exported.

What are some renewable and non-renewable resources?

Non-renewable: .
Uranium (nuclear power) .
Oil .
Natural Gas .
Coal .
Gold .
Metal OreRenewable : .
Tidal flows .
Biomass (from sustainable sources) .
Plantation timberAlternatives .
Sunshine .
Wind .
Wave .
NuclearNuclear is unique in that while we call it nonrenewable, we can not run out during the existence of this planet. Thus it receives two headings. Sunshine, wind and wave all have no replenishment by man so are technically alternative energy sources as we are incapable to renew them. Sunshine is similar to nuclear, in that it will eventually run out, but not during this planets existence.

What are Renewable and non-renewable resources in Spain?

Navarre “Spain is presently undergoing a renewable-energy revolution, with the set to be the very first in Europe to be self-sufficient in renewable energy”. US rating agency , in a current investigation of standard of living in Europe, ranked Navarre, whose primary source of renewable energy is wind power, uppermost among the 17 autonomous regions of Spain., Europe’s sixth largest producer of wind power, presently sustains approximately 70 percent of its electro-stimulation needs from renewable energy sources, wind farms being used most extensively, and has a 900-megawatt capacity of installed wind power. Navarre lacks thermal, nuclear, coal, oil, gas fields, or hefty hydro-electric power stations, but does wield considerable renewable resources, which the Government of Navarre pursued to drop its foreign energy dependence. “Navarre’s economic success is a function of its petite population (only 500 000 people), low unemployment, rich agricultural traditions, and most recently, a boom in rural tourism”. Navarre was entirely reliant on imported energy until wind-power development and utilization began progress in . Galicia ) presently leads in wind power development in the autonomous regions for the third consecutive year with an increase in wind power of 264 MW, succeeding Castilla La Mancha, which exceeded the development aim of 1000 MW, and followed by Aragon, Navarre, and Castile-Leon, and the remaining autonomous regions.Castilla Leon and La Rioja have initiated wind energy production, and the north-eastern area of Soria also holds the capacity to be an efficient producer; the possession of workable resources for wind power development is also represented in the Cantabrian, eastern and south-eastern coasts.

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How do you renew renewable resources?

These resources are not renewed by mankind, they renew themselves on their own. To response this question, it is helpful to have a definition of a renewable energy source: they are, for example, sun power, water power or wind power. The sun will shine longer as mankind will exist and is therefore always there. So there is no need to renew anything. And it’s the same with the wind. It is an energy, which is possible to harvest without needing “to buy” any source, since it it almost always available by nature.

Is livestock renewable or non renewable resource?

in a way it is renewable but takes a lot of time to produce more and more

Why are renewable resources renewable?

Because they can lightly be .
substituted by being grown again, like corn, .
used again, like water which comes back cleaned in the form ofrain, .
continually and continuously used, like sunshine, wind andhydro-electric power.

Is ethanol a non-renewable or renewable resource?

Ethanol is not a resource it is a product. It may be made from renewable resources (grain, cellulose) by fermentation or from non-renewable resources (petroleum, natural gas) by reacting ethylene and water over a suitable catalyst. renewable renewable

Is a natural resource a renewable resource?

it depends on what you are looking at. a mineral (ex. diamonds, salt, etc.) are nonrenewable, it would take thousands of years for them to grow back. but as such other natural resources like trees and shrubs are renewable, it would take a few years for a tree to grow back, not a lot of time.

Is a car engine a renewable resource?

What are similarities of renewable and non renewable resources?

the similarities of renewable and non renewable resources are that the are both resources and both have to do with the environment

What resources are both renewable and non-renewable?

There is no single thing that is renewable and non-renewable at the same time. That’s a contradiction in terms. Some kinds of wood (rapid growing pine plantations, for example) are renewable, while other kinds of wood (teak and mahogany, perhaps) are non-renewable as they take very many years to grow again.

Is a tree a renewable or a non-renewable resource?

A tree is a renewable resource if another tree substitutes the one that was cut down.

Is jute a renewable or a non-renewable resource?

Jute is a plant. .
All plants are renewable. .
So Jute is a renewable resource.

What are renewables resources?

all the sources which we can use again and again the are called renewable resources . as like wind, water ,thermal,bio sources all are renewable sources . we can use solar energy , thermal energy etc . why i am telling about thermal energy again and again becouse the temparetur of earth is enlargening day by day . in this time i am studying in AIT pune . according to me we should think about our future . that is the big problem in this time that nobody think about future ……………

Is glass renewable or non renewable resource?

Renewable, you can use it over and over and over again and it will not lose quality, paper for example after each use the quality is lost, glass will never lose its quality.

What is renewable resource and non renewable resource?

A renewable resource that is being consumed at the same or lesser rate than it is being created. Sunlight is an example. A non-renewable resource is a resource that is not being created as prompt as it is being consumed. Gasoline is an example.

Is rubber a non renewable or renewable resource?

“Rubber” is a generic term for polymers or copolymers with certain elastic characteristics. It can be made from natural sources (renewable materials) such as rubber tree sap which contain natural latexes, or from petrochemical sources which are non renewable

Is agriculture a renewable or non renewable resource?

Agriculture isn’t indeed a resource, it’s a practice. However,agriculture can deplete resources. Modern practices deplete soil bydestroying forests and other natural habitats which have held soilstructure together with their roots, and drawn up moisture andnutrients from deep underground, the deep ploughing, sowing ofmonocultures, sowing of plants that are not suitable for theregion, and use of chemicals as fertilisers and pest/herbicideshave all helped to deplete not only the amount of top soil, bt thequality of the top soil too. Modern agriculture also likes toirrigate, often in wasteful ways, this is leading to a very seriousdrop in available fresh water – this is fairly noticable in parts ofthe U.S. for example. The use of a limited range of plant specieshas led to the menacing of the biodiversity of crop plants -this has been further threatened in Europe by a law controllingseeds – in our switching climate this means we may lose the geneticdiversity to develop crops capable of surving our courageous fresh world.Monocultures of crops also menace the insectpopulation(pollinators among them). However, there are ways to farm that can be positive. I direct youto research agroforestry, permaculture, key line ploughing (notonly uses water effectively, but increases the top soil), biochar,wild flower strips (encourage insects) and companion planting (usesproperties of some plants to protect others), mycorrhiza (fungi)and Holistic Management (HMI) – this list should lead you to awhole host of ideas and methods that use agriculture to improve theworld, not deplete it.

What are the renewable and non-renewable resources?

a nonrenweable is a resource is a resource that has a limited amout. It cant be made again when it runs out -the bin-

Is oil a renewable resource or non renewable?

If you are talking about the oil that comes out of the ground, it is non renewable. however if you are talking about the oils that we get from plants and animals, they are renewable.

How do you run fever engines without non renewable resources?

by mechanical forcePresumably with renewable resources, such as biofuels, wood etc. Obviously it depends on the type of engine.

Is the coal renewable or non renewable resources?

Coal is not renewable. It took millions of years for the dinosaursand plants to die to turn into coal and petroleum.

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