What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?The question can be answered in a duo of ways:

1. Third-party coverage is sometimes called liability coverage. It provides benefits for third-party who sustains harm or injury due to the carelessness of the insured. In this context, bodily injury coverage within the liability protection will provide benefits to the injured party for his/her injury. Note, however, that it will pay only upon a finding that the insured was legally responsible for the injury, and that BUT FOR the activity or inaction of the insured, the injury would not have occurred. This is the concept of proximate causation.

Two. Bodily injury coverage can exist in a first-party policy as well. This is a policy under which the insured is him/herself insured. Examples are the uninsured motorist and private injury protection coverages of an automobile policy.

Can you get a utter coverage insurance policy on a car that you do not own?

Insurance for a Car you do not ownYes, You can Insure the property of another Person. So Long as you do so decently and have authorization to do so and the possessor is benefited, or an other insurable interest in that property exists. An example is a case where dad says ” OK, you can use my spare car but you gotta get your own coverage”. If You have permissive use from the possessor of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal possessor of the Property or the designated agent of the proprietor can receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered loss, so you need to list the holder as an insured on the policy. If you buy decent insurance coverage, Then Dad will be proud and glad you were prudent enough to fully insure his and your interest in the vehicle he loaned you. You can not insure the property of another when no insurable interest exists and only the legitimate possessor can receive compensation for a property loss. For Liability purposes any authorized driver has an interest in the insured status of a vehicle they are driving. List all drivers for liability purposes and list the holder for his property interest. Failure to disclose ( AKA “concealment”) that the vehicle is wielded or driven by another can negate any comprehensive or collision coverage and compromise liabilities. Meaning that the company would not have to pay in the event of that type of loss. ______________________________________________________________________Yes, you can. I did through Allstate Insurance Company. They did not ask if the car was in my name and I did not tell them anything different.

If medical insurance will not cover injuries from an auto accident why do they ask if you have it and then limit your coverage?

Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused. Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third party involved’s insurance does not pay. Legally, car insurance is primary over health insurance.

Can you claim bodily injury from your insurance for a car accident in which you were found at fault?

If you had medical coverage, you can. .
You cannot claim bodily injury against your own policy for yourself because you cannot be liable to yourself. Bodily injury coverage falls under the liability portion of your policy, for injury to others caused by you or the driver of your vehicle. You must carry PIP or MEDPAY for your own injuries. .
In the UK – the law is based on fault. Namely the driver at fault pays for the injury and vehicle harm to the virginal road user. Motor insurance is compulsory as this pays the liability of the driver at fault. So you cannot claim for bodily injury from your own insurance as you would be claiming against yourself – but if your motor policy was comprehensive you can claim from your own insurer for vehicle harm – subject to an excess. See the related link entitled “car driver injury claims” for a utter explanation as to when a car driver can claim and when a car driver is considered liable.

If an auto insurance pays for medical claims and a settlement is received from an at-fault driver for bodily injury is that to repay the insurance co?

According to my insurance company, if i receive money from theat fault other driver as in a settlement, then yes I have to repaymy own insurance company for the medical related expenses they paidfor me that fell under my medical coverage policy. So if you have10,000 in bodily injury and you used Five,000 in medical and you wereawarded 20,000 by the other insurance company, you must pay themback that Five,000 and can keep the rest. This may not be true for allcompanies. Your claim advisor or insurance agent should be able toanswer for you. The other screwy thing is that if you have to go tocourt to get a settlement or any money awarded, my insurancecompany said they will not pay for any costs associated with alawyer or court but that if I get any money, I HAVE to pay themback all the medical they paid out on my behalf. I can choose toget whatever settlement is suggested and get the leftovers, I canhire an attorney(out of my pocket) or I can do nothing. I am notsure why we pay these people. .
In the UK there are very clear distinctions betweencompensation for ache and suffering for bodily injury and financialexpenses such as medical expenses. Often the sums paid by your autoinsurer on your behalf including vehicle repair expense will beclaimed directly by your auto insurer from the person at faultwhilst your solicitor deals with the claim for your bodily injuryand extra financial losses. However, your solicitor willliaise cautiously with your auto insurer to ensure that theinsurer’s rights are not prejudiced and all decent monies arerecovered. To see examples of the types of compensation you canclaim click the related link entitled “traffic accidentcompensation”. .
In Florida, the reaction depends on whether you haveuninsured/under-insured motorist (“UM”) coverage. Very first, your owncompany must pay the very first $10k, then the at-fault party must paythe remainder, up to the policy boundaries. If the at-fault party’spolicy thresholds do not cover all the expenses and you intend to seekthe unpaid remaining expenses from your policy (the UM coverage)and not from the at-faulty party, then you must obtain permissionfrom your own insurance co. prior to lodging for the at-faultparty’s policy thresholds. As to the very first bulleted response above: thatperson should indeed find someone UNBIASED to seek advice fromother than the employee of the for-profit insurance company.

In a NJ accident with a NJ driver at fault and a PA driver which policy covers the Bodily INJury claim?

All insurance policys must conform to the laws of the state that the vehicle is being driven/wreck in. Whom ever is at fault for the loss, their policy will cover the injured party. If the N.J. driver is at fault then their policy will pay the injured PA driver under the N.J. policys bodily injury coverage. Subject to the rules of the state..Is it a p.i.p. state? If so the thresold must be eclipsed.

Do you have to reimburse a health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a bodily injury settlement from your auto insurance?

If they have a Subrogation Clause (Section of Property Insurance and Liability Insurance policies providing an insurer the right to take legal act against a third party responsible for a loss to an insured for which a claim has been paid) in their contract (and most do). The above reaction is correct. What this means is you need to take this into consideration when determining on a settlement. If your health insurance paid $50,000 in benefits and your attorney gets 30% of what he/she recovers, lodging for $75,000 may sound nice but you will likely never see a nickel of it.

How is bodily injury calculated?

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doctors bills, loss of wages, special service- if you can’t take care of yourself and you hire someone to cook, clean, drive, etc.

In a Total Coverage Vehicle insurance policy what is the collision coverage?

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The collision coverage specifically covers the repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault..
If you are at fault for example, your car would be repaired, but you would be responsible for the deductible cost..
If you were NOT at fault, your repairs would be covered fully, and at no extra cost of the deductible..
Response: .
A means of protecting your auto from harm stemming from an accident inbetween the insured and another vehicle and/or object. .

What are the rules about auto insurance coverage if the primary driver is not named on the insurance policy?

Response .
The Rules are that the primary and all other drivers be named on the policy, Otherwise one might think there was an attempt to conceal the true nauture of the risk or otherwise defraud the Insurance Company. Concealment and Fraud, could void all coverage on your policy.

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When a dealership requires you to have utter coverage insurance what are they looking for in your policy?

Response .
Liability and comprehensive and Collision, this secures them usually in the loan if you have an accidentThese coverages are also listed as:Bodily Injury, Property Harm, (depending on the state you may have to have medical payments and uninsured motorist coverages)Also purchase Rental Reimbursement on the auto policy, contrary to popular belief if you are in accident the dealer will not give you a rental car.

What is Bodily injury Liability?

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I personally carry 100k/300k meaning thelimitthat can be paidper accidentfor an injury that I cause is 100k per person and 300k per accident. You will need to determine what you are convenient with, I tend to be a little paranoid, and having been an adjuster for 21 years and seen a lot of stranger than life accidents, I tend to want a lot of coverage just in case.

Will under insured motorist coverage pay for injuries to a drivers policy for a single car accident?

Response .
No, I don’t think so, or know of any situation where it would, all states vary and have different laws however so you should dual check this with your states dept of insurance or your agent..
Typically underinsured motorists coverage, covers the ‘under insured” coverage of the other driver. As an example you and four passengers of your vehicle are hurt badly by another driver who only carrys 25k/50k bodily injury boundaries. That means 25k per person 50k per accident is the absolute MOST they can pay, but you and your passengers injuries total 75k, your underinsured motorist coverage picks up this 25k that is over their limit, or amount they are ‘underinsured’.

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

Is brunt with bodily injury a felony?

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The classification of the felony (determines the severity of the crime which will affect the penalties affixed) depends upon the actual circumstances of the event.

Can you cancel spouse from your insurance policy if spouse has his own medical insurance coverage?

Yes you can. If you feel his coverage is adequate to meet his healthcare needs, then keeping him on your plan would be paying for insurance that you don’t need.

An insurance policy with bodily injury coverage covers?

the injury to or death of each person as a result of any one accident

When to file a bodily injury claim?

You should do it as soon as possible so you can receive help from processionals and reduce your losses. You can use a claims management company or go directly to a solicitor. We recommend to use a hard like a claims management company as they will look after you on a daily basis, plus the solicitors of course too. So you receive an extra service free of charge. The other advantage of using the Claims Management Company is that they know who isa good solicitor ! If they are unhappy about the service you receiving they will stir you to other panel of solicitors. If you had an accident very likely you will be using such service very first time… a claims management company do this on a daily basis and knows who is good. If on the end you still want to go direct to a solicitor make sure your claim handler is someone who had an practice in such cases. Trainees solicitors do sometime mistakes and if they are not spot by a Claims Management Company or you it may cost you time, money and health.

What is the definition of bodily injury liability?

“Bodily injury liability” It’s cost associated with bodily injury, usually medical that you are found liable for.

What does assault-bodily injury mean?

It’s sort of self-explanatory dont you think? An brunt is an unlawful touching or strking and it resulted in physical injury to the person who was struck.

What does medical coverage on an auto insurance policy cover?

Medical bills for yourself and anyone else in your car in case of an accident

Insurance bodily injury covers?

It covers bodily injury. I am a little confused with your question… It covers injuries to others if you are held or considered at fault for their injuries ex. you are held at fault in an auto acc.

Is extra insured the same as insured as used in a business income coverage policy?

An Extra Insured is only used for General Liability coverage. Since Business income is a property coverage, they would not be insured. Also, business income is designed to pay for loss of income to the insured, not lienholders, or contractors they are performing jobs for.

Can the driver at fault file a claim to his own insurance for bodily injury under his uninsured motorist portion of his policy if he was driving a friend’s vehicle who had no insurance coverage?

No. Insurance goes after the vehicle primary, driver secondary. Since the driver is at fault and there is no coverage under the vehicle itself, the drivers policy would pay for any bodily injury or property harm he may have caused. Therefore uninsured motorist coverage would not apply. The only way that driver would have coverage for himself is if he already had Med Pay coverage on his own policy.

What does a provision for bodily injury cover in an insurance policy?

It depends on the state in which the policy is written and also if there is an accident, the state in which the accident occurs. Typically however, it covers bodily injury, as defined in the policy section labeled “definitions” to anyone involved in the accident toward whom you might have liability. That liability is defined by the law. The coverage will be limited by exclusions or things not covered as outlined in the policy or endorsements. In other words, generally speaking, it covers the injuries sustained by another party due to something that is either fully or partially your fault. It may or may not provide that same coverage to occupants of your vehicle, members of your household, etc. Whatever it does cover in terms of money, it is to the value of the claim or to the thresholds of the coverage, whichever is less. Never assume that you know what is covered unless you check with someone who knows how to read your policy. It sounds almost condescending but I certainly don’t mean it that way. I have been a claims manager for many years and coverage is one of my specialties. It can be very straightforward or very complicated depending on the situation. Adjusters, supervisors, managers and even attorneys don’t always get it right. In addition, the terminology also has application to uninsured motorist coverage. That is a separate coverage which is intended to provide compensation for you, or occupants of your vehicle, who were injured in a collision with another vehicle that did not have private injury liability coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage often comes in the same amount as the liability insurance that you purchase, but there can sometimes be an option for higher boundaries, lower thresholds, or an option to waive uninsured motorist coverage altogether. If a collision and resulting injuries occur for which uninsured motorist coverage applies, the valuation of the injury is made similarly to that of a third-party claim (that is, one against the other driver’s bodily injury insurer had there been one) This can include a reduction in recovery for any comparative or contributory negligence (depending upon the rule of law followed by the governing state) attributable to the person asserting the claim for damages. Typically, “bodily injury” is afforded the same definition in this context.

What part of an insurance policy pays for passengers’ injury?

In NY it is the Private Injury Protection (NO-Fault) coverage. You choose the amount of coverage afforded. The minimum is $50,000 but for very little extra premium you can get $175,000..
Feel Free to give me a call in you need more clarification..
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What coverages are included in a Commercial general liability insurance policy?

The insurer’s general undertaking in most liability policies is to pay those sums that the insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages because of bodily injury or property harm to which the insurance applies. The insurer also undertakes to defend the insured against any suit seeking those damages for bodily injury or property harm to which the insurance applies (which means that the insurer hires an attorney and pays related attorney’s fees and court costs). These coverages are included under Coverage “A” of the Commercial General Liability policy (hereafter, CGL). Coverage “B” provides protection for individual and advertising injury (distinct from “private injury”). Coverage “C” provides medical payments coverage for an injured person . There are many exclusions to the coverage provided in the standard CGL policy, which must be packed by endorsements or speciality policies in order for the insured to have truly comprehensive coverage.

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

What type of coverage is on policy with Monumental Insurance Company?

You’ll need to call Customer Service at Monumental to find out information about the policy. Their number is: 1-800-638-3080.

What constitutes all risk coverage on a homeowner’s insurance policy?

All Risk InsuranceAll Risk coverage is a generic term referring to dwelling and homeowners property coverage forms Trio and C., HO3 and DP3. The All Risk Policy is considered the Cadillac Policy in the property coverage market. They typically suggest the broadest coverage terms and will cost more than Basic or Extended coverage forms. The All Risk Policy form is a modern insurance policy. It was designed as a premium coverage suggesting with a simplified contract treatment to language and structure providing the broadest possible coverage to the insured in the simplest language. The Policy attempts to enhance many internal coverages and adds others without need of endorsement. All Riskis aBroad Coverage Formand is named such because the policy is considered off the hook rather than inclusive in policy language and structure. A broad but defined range of perils are considered covered if not specifically excluded, assume coverage. The bulk of the language defines whatis not covered . In contrast, the cheaperBasicorExtended Coverage Forms1 and Two are inclusive in structure, A range of covered perils are specified else assume no coverage. The bulk of the language defines whatis covered . This treatment is somewhat opposite of the broader All Risk policy language. Albeit they begin with a different treatment, due to regional regulations and form standardization, you will still find some common language, formats and definitions in all the form types. ReactionAll risk coverage is any unexpected and accidental occurrence that is not specifically excluded in the policy. EX: While cooking i accidentally dropped a hot pan taking it off the stove cracking a tile in my floor. Nowhere in my policy does it specifically exclude ripping off something on my tile floor. However the cargo of proof is on the homeowner NOT the insurance company.

How do you find out the at fault driver’s per person bodily injury liability insurance coverage thresholds?

The insurer is only responsible to pay up to the policy boundaries fora covered loss. If your accepted claim is below the policy boundaries then you willreceive total compensation, in this case the policy thresholds is a mootissue since your loss was fully covered. If your accepted claim exceeds the insureds policy boundaries, then theamount of the check, would presumably reflect the policy boundaries. Or you could just ask the claims adjuster. ReactionHire an attorney

What type of insurance coverage includes bodily injury and property harm coverage?

Auto insurance includes: liability, collision, comprehensive. Liability covers what you do to someone else’s property and bod. Collision covers your car when you are at fault in a collision. Comprehensive covers uninsured motorists, theft, vandalism. natural disasters and the like. theresponse is liability coverage

Are passengers in your car covered by your bodily injury liability insurance?

passengers in my car should be covered since the california car insurance law requirement does not distinguish as to which person is covered by bodily injury liability insurance

Does car insurance cover bodily injury liability?

It depends upon the coverage that you purchase. Normally, when you buy liability insurance, you get both property harm and bodily injury liability coverage. In fact, many states require that such insurance be maintained for the protection of others who may be injured due to your negligence. The failure to do so can result in the suspension of your license and tags under Financial Responsibility Laws. The nature of liability insurance is such that it pays damages to an virginal third party to whom you cause injury. In that sense, it protects you from private liability up to the policy boundaries that you have bought. If you are sued as a result of the incident and fault is contested, the insurer also provides you with an attorney to defend you. The insurer pays the attorney’s fees and related court costs (such as, but not limited to, court reporter expenses).

How are insurance bodily injury claims treated?

This is not a question that lends itself to a brief reaction, here is an outline: 1. After the incident, either the policyholder or the claimant (or his/her/its representative) must report the incident to the insurer. A timely report is usually a condition to coverage under the policy (if coverage is found to exist). Two. The insurer will commence an investigation of the occurrence. This may be done by in-house adjusters, or the insurer may hire outside adjusters to investigate. Trio. Depending upon typr pg occurrence, elements of the investigation will include police reports, photographs, diagrams, witness statements, statements of the insured and as many other people as may have skill of the “who where, when, why, and how” factors. Four. Assuming that the claimant was injured, the adjuster will want to collect medical records of treating practitioners, therapists, and others. These will be assessed for objective and subjective complaints of injury, indicia of preexisting conditions, prescriptions, and other types of medical care and therapy. Five. The adjuster will also need to know how the injury has affected the claimant. Work records, including lost time/income, inability to perform work-related functions, etc. will be significant. The adjuster will also want to know how the injury has affected other aspects of the claimant’s life–participation in activities, etc. Age of the claimant will also be a factor, because (1) a serious, permanent injury will adversely affect a junior person longer; (Two) a less-serious injury to a junior person is likely to heal better; (Three) an injury to an older person will affect the person for a shorter time, but is less likely to readily resolve. 6. The adjuster will need to determine if there is any fault om the claimant. Depending upon the jurisdiction involved, the rule of law may be such that recovery of damages is precluded or diminished depending upon the fault factor (based on “comparative” or “contributory” negligence). 7. Most insurers have ranges within which they lodge claims, based upon the above factors, and others. They also look to jury verdict research to determine what similar injuries are “bringing” when suit is filed and the cases go to trial. For the most part, the aim is to resolve a claim amicably if it is possible to do so. In fact, insurers have the obligation to lodge a claim within policy thresholds (the maximum amount payable as liability benefits) if it is possible to do so, rather than subject the policyholder to suit and to the risk of a verdict against him/her/it that is in excess of policy thresholds. Insurers also consider the expenses that they incur in defending a lawsuit (defense attorney fees and court costs) in making the decision.

How much coverage do you need to have on an HO6 condo insurance policy?

Best practices dictate that you work with the broker who write themaster policy, to determine whether or not the master policy is an’all-in’ policy. An all-in policy includes coverage for windows,doors, interior furniture, including cabinets, bathroom fixturesand so forward. You can imagine turning your unit upside down. Everything thatfalls out is your responsibility to insure, if the master policy isan all-in policy. An all-in policy also covers upgrades if theyhave been documented with the association. If not, your broker can help you define what you need to insure inyour unit. As well, your HO-6 policy can cover paying your assessments shouldyour unit become uninhabitable, cover your living expenses as well,and other benefits suggested to condominium unit owners.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to my mother from an accident within the residence?

Not unless you are somehow liable for your mothers injuries. Accidents happen everywhere, in the home, in the park, at churchand on the sidewalks. Your moms existing medical insurance will seeto her health needs.

Is there a lapse in coverage on an insurance policy if the policy was cancelled and then reinstated?

Technically, the policy lapsed. If a covered loss occurred before reinstatement, the insurer would arguably be justified in denying coverage. However, if the reinstatement was retroactive to the lapse date (which would most likely occur if the reinstatement occurred quickly), and if you have been with the insured for some time, coverage may be extended to the intervening loss.

Do all caravan insurance policies include contents coverage?

Yes all caravan insurance policies include contents coverage. But when in doubt, it would be best to contact your insurance agent or insurance company and verify the coverage in your policy.

What types of coverage is covered in most homeowners insurance policies?

It depends on the plan you select and how much you pay for home insurance. It usally covers fire damange, water harm, natural disaster harm and theft.

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

What is the correct minimum coverage that you must have for Bodily Injury Liability for two or more persons?

The minimum coverages are set by the state legislature of each state and it varies from state to state as well as other required coverages and policy features. The good thing is that when you travel from state to state, if you have minimum coverage it will adapt to the higher of the coverage you have or the minimum for the state you are in and at no cost to you. In Georgia the minimum is 25/50/25 which means $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury with no more than $50,000 per accident for Bisexual and $25,000 property harm. Usually it doesn’t cost much to increase your coverages so it certainly pays to carry higher thresholds. For total disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also worked as an agent for a direct writer for Trio years before that.

What is the best policy for life insurance coverage?

“It depends on your situation. Entire life coverage is superb because you are covered until your death. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t expire like other policies do.”

What is the normal policy price for a utter coverage policy through Allstate Car Insurance?

“It entirely depends on the vehicle make, model, year. It also depends on the license held, the standing, your age and demographic information. There are many factors so truly isn’t a base to go after.”

Does homeowners policy exclude adults and minors from bodily injury on property?

I don’t indeed understand your question as it is written. If the people you are talking about are residents of the household then they are excluded from bodily injury coverage under the policy. Medical Payments and Liability only covers other people, not people who live in your house. The protection is for you in that it protects you from claims of negligence on your part if someone is injured by your deeds.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to holder from an accident outside residence?

Homeowners Insurance is “Property” insurance not health insurance, it is not designed to substitute medical or health coverage. You would need to review your policy language or contact Insurance Agent to determine if any coverage is available under your property insurance policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover bodily injury by a rock caused by your lawnmower?

If you hit another person who is not one of the named insured or a household member then it may pay for the medical bill up to the limit of the policy. The limit of medical payments to others is usually from $1000 to $5000 and will be listed on your declarations page.

Will your health insurance cover bodily injury in a car accident?

Yes, but only as a secondary coverage to all other auto insurance claims you might have (like bodily injury liability against the at fault driver or individual injury protection coverage in no-fault states).

Does health insurance cover bodily injury in an accident?

Different states and policies can have different benefits and coverages. Health insurance will cover medical costs related to an auto accident but in most states they are secondary to automobile insurance. This means that the auto insurance will be responsible for payment very first and health insurance will pay after that. If the health insurance company goes ahead and pays the claim or at least the very first few bills then you receive payment of file for payments on the auto insurance you will be responsible for reimbursement to the health insurer.

Will homeowners insurance cover bodily injury claims if a covered vehicle is involved?

A homeowners policy does not cover and specifically excludes self-motorized vehicles except for lawn mowers used exclusively for maintenance of the property insured. Even in this case the mower is covers if bruised in a covered cause but bodily injury is not a coverage included on a homeowners policy.

Does private liability coverage of a home owners policy in Washington state cover accidental no fault injuries to non-insured injured handymen working on covered property?

No, your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for injury to hired workers. It is the responsibility of the contractor to carry the decent insurance to cover himself and workers for injuries and losses incidental to the line of work contracted. This is why one should always check out a contractors credentials and verify they carry the adequate insurance before any work is performed.

What insurance covers bodily injury?

In order for one to have insurance cover bodily injury one would have to have bodily injury insurance. This is good insurance to have as it would cover injuries to any persons that one injures in an accident. This liability insurance would cover any amount one is obligated to pay for injuries sustained and related costs.

What is a good limit to have for bodily injury car insurance?

A good place to begin in figuring out what amount of bodily injury liability is to look at your net worth. Recall you can be sued lightly for hurting someone in an auto accident. I personally think no one should have less than 50/100/50 liability coverage. If you own a home you should have 100/300 or more. Truly you should ask your agent to assist you with this question. If you look at the difference in cost for enlargened liability it is fairly petite. Most claims come in the smaller amounts so most of the cost is put into the lower levels of liability cost. To increase it is very inexpensive.

What is individual injury and advertising coverage on general liability policy?

Under the Insurance Services Organization’s standardized CommercialGeneral Liability coverage, private injury and advertising injuryare coverages that are triggered when an intentional actioncommitted by the insured has an unintentional outcome resulting ininjury to another party. The following offenses are covered underpersonal injury and advertising injury: a. Falsearrest, detention, or imprisonment; b.Malicious prosecution; c. Thewrongful eviction from, wrongful entry into, or invasion of theright of private occupancy of a room, dwelling or premises that aperson occupies, committed by or on behalf of its proprietor, landlord,or lessor; d. Oralor written publication, in any manner, of material that slanders orlibels a person or organization or disparages a person’s ororganization’s goods, products, or services; e. Oralor written publication, in any manner, of material that violates aperson’s right of privacy; f. Theuse of another’s advertising idea in your “advertisement”; org.Infringing upon another’s copyright, trade dress, or slogan in your”advertisement.”

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