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How many types or car insurance are there?There should be just one type that most companies suggest for your car.
If you had an antique vehicle or something collectible, then you may need that type of car insurance.

How many cars can you insure?

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The question is, how much money can you afford to SPEND on insurance? Insurance companies are glad to sell more..
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As many as you own or in some cases, care, custody, and control. Make sure to tell your insurance company all of the people that will be driving your vehicles. You can’t insure a vehicle that you do not own or have care, custody, and control of.

If you have a family car and an expensive sports car that only you will drive what type of insurance or insurer will cover the sports car?

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If you already have insurance on the family-car, then you can put the sports car on your insurance and tell them you will be the only driver of the sports car. Make sure no one else gets caught driving the car by the insurance company (wreck, etc.). Or look in the yellow-pages in your phonebook, and call several car insurance companies. They should be able to tell you. Always call Three or more places to get the lowest deal you can, depending on what plan you want or qualify for.

Does the type of car affect how much insurance will cost?

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Most definately. Everything including make, model, and the year are considered. Statistics demonstrate that quicker, sportier cars get into more accidents versus minivans and economy sedans.

How many insurance groups are there for cars?

it varies inbetween insure’s but in most case’s it only goes upto 20 then they suggest a 20+ group which meens the insurer can charge you any figure dependant on hw stealable and the actually spectacle of the car.

How many cars types are there?

There are many car types and there is very likely no correct response since more and more cars types are being made each day.

How many types of muscle cars are there?

Camaro, trans am, charger, nova, chevelle, el camino, baracuda, 426 Hemi Challenger, 426 Hemi GTX, 426 Hemi/440 six pack Roadrunner, Pontiac The Judge, Pontiac GTO, 442 Oldsmobile, W-30 Oldsmobile, Buick Grand National, Buick GSX, Buick GNX, AMC Javelin SST, Buick Gran Sport, Ford Mustang, Mercury Cyclone, and the list goes on

How many types of Insurance are available in market?

Mainly there are two types of insurance available 1) Life Insurance Two ) general Insurance. General Insurance covers all the Insurance ( Auto, home, health, travel, business etc. .
Types of insurance includes: Accident InsuranceCar InsuranceHealth InsuranceHome InsuranceHospital InsuranceTravel Insurancemany others too.

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How many cars can you have on one insurance policy?

Insurance companies will be glad to insure as many cars as you want, as long as you are willing to pay the insurance premium.

What type of car insurance does the bank require you to have?

If it is a purchase, they will require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage. Usually with no more than $500 or $1000 deductibles depending on the bank. If it is a leased vehcile they may also require you to have 100/300 minimum liability thresholds.

How many types of sensor in car?

A LOT! over 100 that’s for sure. It vary per vehicle make and model. some commons that you will find on every vehicles are Oxygen sensor, crank sensor, MAF sensor, Camshaft sensor, coolant temperature sensor,…

What type of insurance should i get for a 16 year old car?

You should have liability coverage with sufficient thresholds to cover a typical accident claim and protect you against claims that could fasten to your other assets. Depending on the laws of your state, you may be required to maintain private injury coverage. The choice whether to maintain “comprehensive” insurance, which would pay to repair or substitute your vehicle if you are the one who causes an accident, is truly an economic one. Look at the cost of the premium versus the value of the vehicle, and determine whether you could lightly purchase a fresh vehicle if yours were demolished and no insurance was available. If another driver is at fault, their insurance would likely cover your car’s replacement. But if harm is your fault, you would be out of luck.

What are the types of car insurance?

There are seven types of car insurance. Liability insurance covers the cost of repairing any property bruised in a crash, as well as medical bills. Collision insurance makes it so then insurer pays for repairs. Comprehensive insurance treats any situation, including theft. Uninsured motorist protection is a policy that covers harm by an uninsured motorist. Medical/Personal-injury Protection covers costs of injury. No-fault insurance covers property harm and injuries no matter who is at fault. Gap Insurance is for driver’s who still owe money on the cars and need to pay off the vehicle if it is totaled in an accident.

How many types or car insurance are there?

How many car insurance polices can you have?

You only need 1 if sufficient coverage & only 1 would be honored anyway in the event it is needed. If you have more than one vehicle it is possible you may need a policy for each vehicle.

How many car insurance are you permit to have?

You may be able to have more than one insurance but you cannot claim more than the value of the loss sustained. There’s no dual dipping permitted in insurance, sorry.

What type of insurance should you take from the rental car company when renting a car?

These are the main types of insurances suggested by the Car rental companies: 1) CDW (Collision Harm Waiver), LDW (Loss Harm Waiver), PDW (Physical Harm Waiver). It’s technically not a collision insurance. It pays if money is car is bruised or stolen. This does not cover damages made to someone else’s car during your rental (third party damages). Two) Individual liability coverages such as LIS (Liability Insurance Supplement). Just like your liability coverage on your private policy, this protects you against the expenses associated with property or bodily injury damages you cause to others. The rental agency will automatically give you liability coverage that’s equal to the state’s minimum requirements. Trio) PAI (Private Accident Insurance or Coverage). PAI pays one time payment in case of death of a passenger in case of accident. Four) PEC (Private Effects Coverage) or Private Property Insurance. PEC insurance pays you when something is stolen from your car. It is an optional choice to take PEC insurance.

How many types of car colors are there?

Solid / Metallic / air brush / matte / tone / multicolour are the types of colours for cars. Then the colours (crimson, black, green etc.) comes.

What type of insurance do you need to carry school children in your car?

If they’re yourownchildren – your ordinary car insurance will cover them. If they’re someone else’s children, stringently speaking – you need ‘public liability’ insurance.

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How many types of electrical cars are there?

There are several types of electrified cars but unluckily only a duo are being rushed to mainstream markets in the near future. The Tesla Roadster has been around for a duo of years and they are also working towards a sedan, the Model S. Fisker Automotive, who actually helped Tesla design their EV, has developed the Fisker Karma. The Nissan Leaf is another example of a full-on electrified vehicle. Also Chevrolet’s prized Volt can operate as downright electrical but it is also powered by gasoline motors to extend the range. Then there are significantly smaller scale projects like the Mitsubishi iMev.

What type of insurance is needed if you hit another car?

Basic liability insurance. This covers the person you hit. Comprehensive and collision covers your car.

How many cars are insured in Australia?

it truly depends…. if you are renting the car (with a reputable company like Hertz, Thrifty, Avis or europcar) it is total comp insurance plus a hefty $ 3000 excess (Regardless who is at fault!!!). Which means that you + passengers, the rental car, the driver + passengers and the driver/s car are covered. If you are buying a car to travel in i recommend that you get utter comprehensive insurance. i own a 2006 Nissan Tiida 1.8 ltr it costs me just over $ 1,500 and your No claim bonus wont carry overseas you will have to embark all over again. Also total comprehensive insurance means that your car will be immobile. plus the person that you hit. A word of advice. Go with AAMI they had the best price for me. P.S if you are traveling in QLD be very careful of them many of the cars there dont have rear brake lights that work! nor know how to use indicator signals!

What types of car insurance does Allstate sell?

Liability Coverage, Medical Payment Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage,Private Injury Protection, Towing and Labor Costs Coverage, Rental Reimbursement, and Sound system Coverage. Those are the options you can get and the payment type is deductible and premium. The deductible is what you pay for the accident and the premium is what you pay per month.

What types of car insurance does SafeAuto suggest?

Many types of car insurance is provided by SafeAuto, including Comprehensive Insurance, Uninsured Motorist, and rental Reimbursement. These are just a few of the policies suggested by SafeAuto.

How many cars can one person insure?

Just a little more info. We have Trio cars and Three persons living in the household. I am Legal years old and presently got my g2 in Jan/2012. My mom is primary driver of Two existing vehicles in the house. I want to insure another vehicle under a different car insurance with my mom being primary driver and me occasional driver. Can she be primary driver of Trio cars? I know about me being able to drive the Two other cars, but I heard their is a waiver you can sign not to drive the other cars. The car i want to insure is a 2007 Camry 4dr LE V6

Does the dealer you buy the car from have some type of insurance coverage?

When you test drive it, yes. Once you commit to buy it, insuranceis your responsibility.

How many different types are there of insurance agencies?

Most insurance agencies cover numerous types of insurances. The types of insurances out there include (but are not limited to) life, health, vehicle, rentals, flood and fire.

How many types or car insurance are there?

How many types of insurance companies are there in the US?

There are many types of insurance companies in the United States. There are some that sell automobile, watercraft, injury, construction, home, morgage, and even animal and life insurances.

What type of traffic violations affect car insurance rates?

Speeding and the amount you were going over the limit can affect your car insurance rates. Some companies won’t penalize you for getting a ticket if you have a clean record and some companies penalize for some tickets but not others. The best solution is to ask your specific company what violations affect their rates.

How many different types of car insurance companies are there?

Way too many. An approximation would be Two,000. There are internet based companies, privately locally possessed companies. A number would be hard to pinpoint.

What type of car insurance is needed for a Saab?

The reason SAAB vehicles need different insurance is due to the fact that they are not very common in the United States. In order to find insurance for an SAAB vehicle a person may need to contact different insurance companies or search through other retailers.

What types of situations can be covered by car breakdown insurance in the UK?

There are a number of different situations that can be covered by car breakdown insurance depending on the level of insurance you purchase. The main situations are roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and home breakdown cover.

What types of car insurance coverage does State Farm suggest?

State farm offers many kinds of car insurance coverage. They suggest comprehensive insurance, liability insurance, private injury coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage,as well as rental reimbursement and Emergency Road service.

What type of car insurance does Liberty Mutual suggest?

Liberty Mutual is a company which specializes in tax assistance, insurance, and other financial services. Liberty Mutual offers liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehension coverage auto insurance policies. More details for the types of insurance Liberty Mutual offers may be found on their website.

What types of insurance are suggested by Prestige Car Insurance?

Prestige Car Insurance is an insurance company that offers many types of insurance, including car, van, and bike insurance. Home and business insurance are also suggested. The company’s website provides information about the different types of insurance and provides quotes for those interested.

What types of insurance does Yes car insurance suggest?

Yes car insurance prides itself on always telling ‘yes’ for those who come to it for car insurance. It offers both comprehensive and third party insurance but sometimes its rates are higher than others.

Where can people compare different types of car accident insurance?

People can compare different types of car accident insurance on the internet. There are a lot of websites that help do so. Another way to compare would be to open up each insurance company website and look through the different types side by side.

What types of repairs are not covered by most car repair insurances?

Depending on the seriousness of the harm, car repair insurances will either repair the entire car (if the harm is minor), or only repair part of the car. Parts that are usually not repaired are the headlights and windows.

How many different types of insurances are there for cars?

There are seven basic types of car insurance. They are liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, uninsured motorist protection, individual injury insurance, no-fault insurance and gap insurance. A car insurance agent can help figure out what insurance is best based off one’s needs.

How many types or car insurance are there?

What are some different policy car insurance types?

Some different car insurance policy types include: combined single limit, split thresholds, rental coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, towing insurance and individual property car insurance.

What types of car insurance policies are available from the RAC in the UK?

The types of car insurance policies that are available from the RAC in the UK include breakdown cover, and roadside assistance as well as accidents and maintenance covers. RAC provides lithe car insurance policies that are designed to cater for the needs of its customers.

What types of car insurance does Direct Line sell?

Direct Line sells many different car insurances depending on one’s needs. If one has two or more vehicles one could get a dual car insurance or one could get Two separate vehicle insurances.

What type of car insurance can one obtain from Enterprise Insurance Services in Wales?

Enterprise Insurance Services provides sound and independent advice to businesses on matters related to insurance. Their aim is to provide private and professional services to their clients.

What types of insurance does Economy Insurance Agency suggest besides car insurance?

The Economy Insurance Agency offers the capability to insure your car, truck, motorcycle, apartment, or home. You can receive a fully free quote on the official Economy Insurance Agency website.

How many different types of life insurance are there?

There are two main categories of life insurance: entire life and term insurance. Entire life insurance is an insurance policy combined with an investment account and has several variations such as universal life and variable life. Term life insurance has no investment account, but provides a set sum of money should one die within the specified term of coverage. Variations of term life insurance include annuable-renewable and level-term policies.

What types of car insurance does Hastings suggest?

Hastings Direct is a European insurance company that offers a multitude of coverage for automobiles, homes, motorcycles, as well as pet insurance to it’s consumers.

What type of car insurance does GMAC suggest?

GMAC offers car insurance which covers liability for assets injury, liability for harm to property, car collision, medical expenses, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and private injury protection.

What types of companies suggest car insurance Fresh Zealand?

The companies that suggest car insurance in Fresh Zealand are Tower, AA Car Insurance, Club Auto, Consumer Car Insurance, and FinTel. If one is looking for rental car insurance then Fodor’s Travel Insurance will help with ones needs.

Which types of car insurance products are suggested by AIG Singapore?

AIG Singapore offers many car insurance products. They suggest accident coverage and will even help you pay off treatments to the doctor after a bad accident.

What type of policies do State Farm car insurance suggest?

Some types of auto insurance coverage suggested by State Farm include auto liability coverage, private injury protection, and collision insurance. You can find a total list located on the official State Farm website.

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Why is liability an especially significant type of car insurance?

Liability insurance is an especially significant type of carinsurance because it covers damages that are your (the driver)fault.

What type of insurance is required to drive for uber car service?

You will need to have a commercial auto policy. If you read your individual auto policy it specifically excludes any driving whereby you receive pay for the service. If you receive payment for driving someone you automatically void your coverage under a private auto policy. This make you a commercial risk, plain and elementary.

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